What’s On: Sunday

I don’t know about all of you but I woke up to a window full of icy white, just another reason on top of the plenty good reasons below to stick inside tonight. We got penultimates, ultimates, and Katy Perry – here are out recommendations for tonight, Sunday December 5, 2010.

The Simpsons “The Fight Before Christmas” 8:00 on FOX

This would be a typical three stories Simpson’s episode, if it weren’t for guest Martha Stewart… and the appearance of a live Katy Perry in a sequence that has the Simpsons and friends as puppets. Remember when Katy Perry was pulled from Sesame Street cause she was too boobalicious? I do. EW has exclusive clips, I have sesame street…


Boardwalk Empire “A Return to Normalcy” 9:00 on HBO

As a reader pointed out last week in the comments section, Boardwalk Empire is handicapped by it’s need for that extra dimension of character which sometimes translates to artsy scenes that borderline on boring. I like Boardwalk Empire, quite a bit actually; the characters and performances are top notch, the dialogue is tight and authentic and the sets and costumes are probably the best in television. It just needs a little pacing work next season. Tonight’s finale’s title is a reference to Warren G. Harding’s inaugural speech which is fitting as tonight’s episode deals with the upcoming elections. Also in Chicago, Torrio acts as peacemaker with huge consequences and because this is Boardwalk Empire (HBO says); “Jimmy ponders his future, as do Margaret, Agent Van Alden and Eli.” Here’s the promo for tonight’s episode written by series mastermind, Terence Winter.


The Walking Dead “TS-19” 10:00 on AMC

WOW! What a season, huh? The only thing preventing this from being the series of the year is that is was just too damn short. But in only six episodes total (half an average cable season) the Walking Dead was able to take us places that frankly I didn’t think TV could go. Tonight strays from the comic considerably as we delve into the origins of the zombie apocalypse which the funny pages never touched. I don’t need to go on – I’ll gush to high hell tomorrow. Here are the promos!

But no folks, that ain’t all – here’s the rest:

The Amazing Race 8:00 CBS – Down to the final four tonight.

The Cleveland Show 8:30 FOX – Tonight is an hourlong special of Seth MacFarlane’s worst series. It’s not terrible by any means – it’s just not…umm.. good.

Dexter 9:00 Showtime – There are two episodes left and two enemies that require vanquishing, Jordan Chase – the self help guru/murderer played with a cunning sly by Jonny Lee Miller and Liddy – the shamed cop Quinn (Robocop himself Peter Weller) had investigate Dexter. I would guess tonight deals with the latter of the two – which is great with me Weller has been kicking ass and taking names this season. Also in case you haven’t heard – Dexter got a renewal for season 6.

Desperate Housewives 9:00 ABC – Paul’s mysterious plan gets revealed. Sweet! Also is it just me or is there normally a disaster on the lane by now?

American Dad 9:30 Fox – Jeff and Hayley move in to the Smith house and Stan gets jury duty.

Brothers and Sisters 10:00 ABC – You know when you’ve broken up with someone and at first you’re unsure if it was the right decision but a few months later you realize your ex is a loser and you absolutely made the right decision? That’s how I feel with my break-up with this shitshow.

CSI: Miami 10:00 CBS – David Caruso solves crimes in a hummer.

Check back tomorrow for recaps and reviews.


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