SNL Preview!

Saturday December 4 Brings us a new SNL, and with an Osacar winner no less.

Robert DeNiro hosts with musical guest Diddy Dirty Money.

Here’s the stupid NBC promo I can’t embed. SNL Promo: Robert De Niro.

SNL and 30 Rock Director Beth McCarthy Miller was once quoted as saying De Niro was one of the most difficult hosts ever because he refused to take direction. Like he blatantly disregarded it. I don’t recall how he was as a host (he hosted once in 2002 and again in 2004) but De Niro is the type of comedian that shines when the material is as good as he is, so we’ll see how tonight turns out.

Diddy Dirty Money is the collaboration between Diddy himself, Sean Combs, former Danity Kane Dawn Richard and singer-songwriter Kalenna. Here’s a video of theirs.

I’m hoping for a sketch that has De Niro playing an 8 year old girl. What about you guys?



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