What’s On: Thursday

Hello TV-lovers, it’s snowing by me, so I’m cuddling with my DVR tonight and I’m in luck; It looks like the last jam packed Thursday of 2010 is gonna give us some damn fine TV. Here are our recommendations for tonight, Thursday December 2, 2010.

The Highlights:

Community “Mixology Certification” 8:00 on NBC

When the gang celebrates Troy’s birthday at GASP! a bar; Jeff and Britta get drunk, Abed hangs out with nerds and Annie becomes the identity of her fake ID (which I think will be the funniest but we’ll see).

30 Rock “Chain Reaction of Mental Anguish” 8:30 on NBC

Jack encourages Liz to see a therapist when she fears Carol is getting bored in their relationship, so she of course sees Kenneth. Also Will Forte guest stars as Jenna’s boyfriend Paul tonight as he and Jenna celebrate their 6 month anniversary.

There’s no promo for either of these specifically; but here’s tonight’s NBC Thursday promo

Nikita “Dark Matter” 9:00 on The CW

90’s teen sensation (is sensation too strong? probably but I really liked Casper) Devon Sawa returns to Nikita tonight. I liked him the first time around. I hope they don’t kill off his cleaner gone rogue character Owen, he’s got great chemistry with Nikita. Tonight’s episode seems like a Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets the Odd Couple type deal which sits well with me. Still not sold on Shane West as any type of threatening character – OMG speaking of – My friend keeps seeing Shane West outside her school building (in downtown Toronto where Nikita is filmed) she’s too afraid to say anything which I think is hilarious, instead she calls me and squeals in a high-pitched voice “SHANE WEST JUST BRUSHED BY ME” she’s a funny kid. Here’s tonight’s promo:

Fringe “Entrada” 9:00 on FOX

Last episode ended with the cleaning lady Olivia appeared to, calling Peter and revealing that Olivia is trapped in the other world. It was an awesome moment and tonight’s fall finale (and the last on thursday before American Idol pushes it to the friday night death slot). C hatter is that tonight is the season’s strongest entry yet; which is really saying something as this season has been stellar. I am very excited!

Here’s the rest of what this jam packed thursday has to offer:

The Vampire Diaries 8:00 CW – Last episode we found out that Bonnie, Tyler, Caroline and Elena are all needed along with the mysterious moonstone to break the curse of night and day or something like that…

Bones 8:00 FOX – Booth and Brennan discover a bones in a truck which leads them to a student teacher relationship.

Grey’s Anatomy 9:00 ABC – Derek takes Christina out on a fishing trip and at the hospital Teddy gets a plot.

The Office 9:00 NBC – Michael worries about China while people complain about the standards of Dwight’s building.

The Apprentice 10:00 NBC – Money money money money….MONEY!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 10:00 FX – “The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods” sounds like a classic.

The League 10:30 FX – It’s playoff time; watch the boys deal with stress in hilarious various ways.

Burn Notice 10:00 USA – Michael tries to track down a drug-filled stolen car.

Private Practice 10:00 ABC – Brian Benben!

Well that’s everything for tonight, check back over the next few days for recaps of all your faves.



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