Survivor Instant Reaction : (

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen Survivor yet turn away now!




P and I will get deeper tomorrow but for now… WOW…. Okay… that was some seriously frustrating pathetic business. I’m at a loss here…no you know what, I’m actually furious, after everything she subjected us to all season – the ways she systematically terrorized Kelly B and Fabio – NaOnka QUIT robbing us of the satisfaction of seeing her go home or lose this game… NO Instead she gets to prance out on her own terms which is something she doesn’t deserve.

So That’s it ch.. Oh.. almost forgot… that’s NOT it…

because KELLY INVISIBLE PURPLE ALSO QUIT. Survivor’s equivalent of a Redshirt tossed in her towel too. I bet having NaOnka quit at the same time made it easier for the airhead follower.

I think quitting is deplorable – I’m not saying survivor’s not hard, I bet it is hell but COME ON!

I remember when Osten quit…

…fail. Also Sue in All-Stars (because apparently Hatch rubbed his junk on her)



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