GLEE: “Am-Bad-Ass-Ador”

OK ::cracks knuckles:: here we go…

mr. schu asked his dream lover Emma to be his good luck charm at sectionals. At first she agreed to go, and gave him tips about letting the others (non-Rachels) shine in Glee for sectionals, and maybe not sing Journey. He listened, and gave Sam and Quinn the token ballad, and showcased Mike and Brittany’s dance moves also (first good decision he’s ever made)

in Kurt news – things are different at Boy Heaven High. there is no mr. schu, rather decisions are made by a committee of lame high schoolers who make you audition for solos and don’t care about his beautiful skin or opinion. He also has to care for a canary because  he’s a nOOb.

santana busted out the ‘i did your boyfriend’ card in the first 5 minutes of the episode, which really made things interesting. I felt for Rachel…until it came out that she hooked up with Puck in her ‘2 day period’ of confusion over her feelings. BIG NO-NO!

Emma bailed on hanging with the schu at sectionals to go marry ‘the finest dentist alive’ in Vegas. GOOD MOVE EMMA. i’m still hoping for a performance by Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets (formerly, Jesse and the Rippers)

ALSO in the episode, Tina and Artie were buggin’ out thinking Mike and Brittany were getting it on at dance rehearsal.  Instead, Tina was being self conscious and Brittany was being…Brittany. She was nervous to go on stage and so Artie gave her his magic comb (*cough*Big Daddy rip off *cough*) and thinking it was ACTUALLY magic, when she lost it she felt so bad that she was avoiding Artie altogether. Basically, Brittany has the best lines in the show (with the exception of Santana and Sue) so I’ll forgive her for this lame storyline. I honestly don’t think Brittany S. Pearse would ever be that self conscious. she is more talented than everyone, we must not forget.


Don’t Cry for Me Argentina – Kurt/Rachel — not the biggest fan of the song, but it was well executed. points to Kurt for raising his hands being a diva, and then lowering them quickly when Blaine emotes, “too much”

The Living Years — the hipsters — i was kinda disappointed when i realized their name was a pun and i was not going to get a bunch of NYU students. le sigh. either way, they were great but I was bored. the vanity wore off quickly

Hey Soul Sister – the warblers – LOVED IT! darren criss is so charismatic (but in a better than Sam way) — though, I honestly hate seeing Kurt just sway in the background. STAR NEEDS TO SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE

Ive Had the Time of My Life and Valerie — New Directions –meh to the former. it was OK. honestly, quinn and sam are too sappy for me. too much Pleasantville. As for VALERIE — ummm santana killllled it, and brittany should just star in everything. dancing. i love it!

Dog Days Are Over – New Directions – led by Tina and Mercedes. Tina has always been one of my fave singers on the show (True Colors was one of my favorite performances) so I really enjoyed this, and loved to watch everyone dancing and goofing off in the background. Hats off to new Glee member who loves to dance and loves to eat pretzels.

what did you think?


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