THE EVENT RECAP “Little Girls. You can hear ’em too”

That’s it? That’s the Event’s midseason finale? Honestly I was expecting a little more bravado from my favorite campfest. It was an okay episode, but there were no stand out batshit crazy moments… it was just simply average. That being said, this being an average episode of the EVENT it was still chock full of crazy, which brings us to…

The “What?!?!” List

Chronicling the events in the EVENT that make me nuts.

10. What was that plan again? So we started out back in the cornfield where Sean and Leila subdued the assassin sent to retrieve her. Sean held him at gun point and found a syringe on him. Sean recalled how the little girl said they gave her injections, and when taunted, Sean gave the assassin the injection. The dude ran away and when they caught up with him he’d aged about 50 years. Now I’m confused. What was the plan here – to find Leila and age her? Why? What could possibly be the reason to age her 50 years in a cornfield?

9. Know thy children. Sophia, fresh off manipulating Isabelle into shooting herself, had a meeting with Thomas, Agent Lee and Isabelle. She knows money is missing, and believes Thomas and Isabelle’s scheming isn’t over. My question is this – your the leader of a secret race of aliens here on earth, you’ve been imprisoned in a secret prison for 60-something years, you left your son in charge – a son you know is easily manipulated and devious – and you leave no system in place to protect your authority. Sophia is too smart to be that trusting. And what about Agent Lee – why is he so oblivious to everything?

8. Convenient Graffiti. Sean and Leila find the hospital where the girls are being treated – and after some breaking and enter shenanigans, they find the room where Samantha was being held and Leila’s name conveniently written on the wall to show she was there. Good job covering your tracks conspiracy.

7. More Subtle Ways? Thomas and Isabelle had been funneling money into a missile . A missile launch everyone in the world seemed to be privy to. It was all to launch a satellite. Aren’t there more subtle ways?

6. Winged Migration. So the satellite sends a message out into space. So what? Is the EVENT a mass migration of Aliens to earth? Probably.

5. Sloppy Babies. Sean and Leila scavenged around the empty hospital secret level and found a pile of half burned files. You know what? I’ve destroyed evidence before and even I know that you NEED TO BURN IT ALL. Not leave integral evidence conveniently half burned…

4. Sloppy Freakshow Babies. … especially the evidence that Leila Buchanan is directly seeking – like how her father hasn’t aged since the 50’s

3. Wait what? Leila’s dad hasn’t aged?!?!? IS he an Alien? Is he getting the same injections as Hal Holbrook?

2. But wait… that would mean? If Michael is an alien, wouldn’t that make Leila half alien? Leila is Half Alien!!! Awesome! Unless he’s been getting injections. Fingers crossed for alien.

1. So then… what’s going on here? The conspirators are taking the half-breed kids of aliens and stealing the genes that prolong youth, and they didn’t want the president to announce the existence of the aliens because it would ruin their youth stealing plans?  Probably!

Did I just figure everything out? Probably. So if you’re keeping track, EVENT = mass alien migration, the conspirators plan = Keep stealing youth at all costs – including assassinating the president.

That’s it. We get no more crazy till THE EVENT launches again on Feb 28. See you on the 29th!



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