Gossip Girl Recap “I think the best thing for me to do is go…”

“… and stay gone”

P: Time for GG! Another Serena centered ep …le sigh

J: LOVED IT – love Serena; but you know that haha

P: Well I loved that they committed her.

J: But this years thanksgiving episode was nothing like the smash we had last year when they played reveal secret musical chair to Whatcha Say.

at the table

P: omg rewatccccccccccccccccccch



P: Classic OC/GG union

J: Brilliant! Best GG scene ever maybe – But this was still a good episode. I like that Juliet really took things to the next level.

P: Lily was great while Rufus was as useless as ever, such a kept man. Did you see him setting the table, talking about Lily’s big plans?

J: It’s funny but at this point I think it’s the actors – Settle is just bored with the role of Rufus and for good reason. Rutherford on the other hand is having the time of her life. Lily is a great role, but let’s talk Juliet… her plan finally came to an end last night and Serena’s life was completely destroyed.

P: I love that she took it all so personall and upped the ante on the plan; like you’d think having to leave Columbia (which she had no business being at in the first place) would be enough.

J: Juliet is a great wackadoo and after this arc she’s going into GG villain hall of fame

with Georgina

and not Poppy Lifton

and not the teacher Dan screwed

P: ugh Poppy… wait, wait what about Marisa Coopers sister? She was e-vil

J: Actually I liked her – especially when she burned Jenny’s clothes.

P: Ya that was highlight reel material. I was pretty surprised Vanessa was that cold hearted, Vanessa is a TERRIBLE person and she’s scared of that,whereas Chuck embraces it now.

J: I agree, the best thing Jenny did was tell Blair everything and get Vanessa OUT.

P: I know. and Jenny’s text at the end to Vanessa aaaaaaaalmost made me like Jenny.

J: Yeah almost…. … Almost.. She’s still the worst and we dont have to see her again for at least 4 or 5 episodes.

P: But who would u rather never see again, J or V?

J: V – in a heartbeat.

P: Samesies and that’s a new thing for me.

J: Wow I’ve hated her since day one.

P: Same but she has a cooler ‘look’ than gothic J.

J: The best thing about the episode was it set up next week’s fall finale. Dan and Blair are my fave grouping – he gives her limitless possibilities for insults – and he takes it all in stride.

P: I know, its his only good quality ; ) Lets talk Nate…

J: What a sad little boy…

P: A regular ol’ parent trap.

J: I remember in the pilot he was smoking a joint in central park and I remember thinking he was cool and now he’s both Lindsay Lohans. Not cool cause he was smoking a j, but cause he actually seemed cool – not a sad little lovelorn puppy following around his poor friend looking for his scraps trying to reunite his parents.

P: Nate had such potential – I blame the writers, he’s so beautiful. He could be such a Chuck, but they Danned him down…

J: …and they Chucked up Dan

P: Barely… he’s a poor mans Chuck.

J: So do you think Serena will be out of Ostroff center next week?

P: Yup.

J: (interesting fact – the Ostroff center is named after CW president Dawn Ostroff)

P: PS I think its super awesome that Juliet is blackmailing Lily.

J: Me too, I love some good classic blackmail. Juliet was really letting her bitch show and it was awesome I simply cant wait for the final Juliet vs. Blair showdown.

P: Shes growing on me.. who will triumph?

J: Blair

P: Obvi Blair… but still… it’ll be nice to see her do this one without Chuck.

J: Juliet is tough… but she’s no comparison to Blair.

P: I was very much hoping for a limo scene part 2 with Chuck and Blair.

J: yeah that would be cute, but next week is gonna be all about the takedown.

P: I’m hoping for some creativity this time, I was pleased with how the Serena takedown happened but other than that I’ve found lots of poorly planned plots. Like the OMG IM SO EMBARRASSED video at Blair’s birthday party

J: Exactly! Let’s hope next week both the writing team and Blair Waldorf bring their A game


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