What’s On: Monday

I hope you had a great weekend and got some good shopping done (or you still can today, Cyber Monday. Amazon has ridiculously low prices. 9.99 Mad Men Bluray?!?!?) Anyway we’re get closer to the mini-hiatuses (hiati?) that come in when Santa does and I’m getting my no-new-tv TV marathons ready for winter. But until then, here are our recommendations for tonight, Monday November 29, 2010.

The Best:

90210 “Best Lei’d Plans” 8:00 on The CW

It was only a year ago around now that 90210 was offering their best material ever, and I’m not complaining, I think this season’s been good, I’m just waiting for shit to go down, and seeing how next week’s midseason finale is written by Rebecca (Rand Kirshner) Sinclair, series exec. prod and the woman who is pretty much responsible for the quality of the series since the end of the first season. Tonight is tamer fare, Naomi flirts with a surfer, and Debbie and Ryan take more steps towards a relationship as the writers struggle for a way to keep a high school teacher on a series where the characters are seniors. Here’s tonight’s promo:

Gossip Girl “Gaslit” 9:00 on The CW

Last episode ended with Serena drugged by Juliet. Tonight finds her at the hospital with her family while Dan tries to find out what really happened. And  the writer continue to torture Chace Crawford (Nate) with terrible plots, tonight he tries to reconcile his parents. Yawn. On the bright side, this is the last episode with Taylor Momsen for a while. Nice!

Lie to Me* “Smoked” 9:00 on Fox

A dying man (John Amos) asks Lightman to investigate the murder of his daughter. Lightman bounces around the screen gleefully accusing everyone of everything. Monique Gabriela Curnan also guest stars as Lightman’s crooked cop girlfriend. Promo!

There may not be much else, but here’s the rest:

Skating with the Stars 8:00 ABC – Crazy Sean Young Alert!!!

Chuck 8:00 NBC – Sarah Conner 1 and James Bond 4 guest star tonight.

The Event 9:00 NBC – The nutty ride continues tonight. The perfect show to lull me into slumber…

In Treatment 9:00 & 9:30 HBO – Sunil behaves outrageously at home, while Frances breaks down as her sister’s illness takes a turn for the worse.

Like I said tonight isn’t packed, but it ain’t nothing either!

In Treatment



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