What’s On: Sunday

Now that everyone is stuffed and full of food, it’s time to settle down in your compy elastic band pants and watch what Sunday has to offer, here are our recommendations for today, Sunday November 28th, 2010.

The Best:

Boardwalk Empire “Paris Green” 9:00 HBO

Tonight brings us the Penultimate Boardwalk Empire – and its usually a time in the season where one reflects back on the season. Boardwalk Empire may not have delivered on all the action promised by it pedigree, but it was always interesting, and I like where the season’s plot took our characters; I felt like Jimmy’s exile to Chicago was a lot like Michael’s exile to Italy in the Godfather. Tonight focuses on Nucky, Jimmy and Van Alden. AND even though we barely got to see him this season, how cool was Chalky strangling the D’Alessio bro? Staring in his eyes as he drains his life – totally bad ass. Here’s the promo for tonight.

American Dad “There Will Be Bad Blood” 9:30 on FOX

Stan’s half brother (who’s half Native) voiced by Lou Diamond Phillips brings his family to Langley Falls, Virginia for thanksgiving. So Stan… has a half native brother… who is coming for thanksgiving… Awesome. Here’s two sneak peaks.

The Walking Dead “Wildfire” 10:00 on AMC

After last week’s devastating zombie attack on the camp, Rick and the tribe make their way to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. Umm… Atlanta? The same Atlanta that’s overrun with Walkers? Umm.. Okay. I’m sure when it’s all on the screen it’ll make sense. From what I understand tonight’s episode is very much a transitional one, setting up next week’s season finale. Here’s a clip from what is sure to be the beginning of tonight’s episode.

there’s not much else, but none of it is terrible; here’s the rest:

The Amazing Race 8:00 CBS – Someone threatens to quit when people become, as CBS puts it, VIOLENTLY ILL while in Hong Kong.

The Simpsons 8:00 FOX – Bart adopts an injured bird and nurses him back to health. Is this different than the time Bart kills a bird and nurses its children? Apparently it is.

The Cleveland Show 8:30 FOX – Donna’s sister voiced by Niecy Nash brings her family to Stoolbend, Virginia for thanksgiving. That sounds an awful lot like tonight’s American Dad. Did everyone just stop trying?!?

Dexter 9:00 Showtime – Dexter sets out on the search for the girl who’s blood Jordan wore, and Deb uncovers more about the Electro Barrel Murder Club from the file room.

Well that’s all for tonight. Come on by tomorrow for some farm fresh recaps.


2 responses to “What’s On: Sunday

  • baruch

    I think boardwalk empire’s problem is that it moved too slow. There were too many scenes that were artsy and didn’t move along the plot.

    im so glad walking dead is ending, i finally wont walk around all week scared that a zombie will eat my face.

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