What’s On: Thanksgiving Thursday

Happy Turkey Day my American friends. I’m not angry per se that because of this sham holiday there is no new TV tonight… I am just a little frustrated. I watch a good 10 series on thursday night and not a single one is new. I suppose though that this being thanksgiving (even though my thanksgiving was last month) I should focus on all the things I’m thankful for (check back later for that list) one of which is our only recommendation for tonight, Thursday November 25, 2010.

Misfits “Episode Three” 10:00 on E4

Most of you are probably confused. Let me help. Misfits is a British sci-fi drama about five 20 somethings who while serving community service together, get struck by lightning and gain superpowers. Sounds a little stupid on paper, but the series – now midway through it’s second 6 episode season – is anything but. Sort of like Skins (E4’s teen smash hit) meets Heroes meets the Breakfast Club. At times it can be both intense and dizzyingly hilarious – especially when it comes to Robert Sheehan (above, second from right) who plays Nathan Young. He’s wild – literally bouncing around the screen, spewing some of the most profane swears I’ve ever heard, you want to bash his face in but be bestfriend at the same time. You see him go through some pretty heartbreaking shit in the first season – a less talented actor would make Nathan a cartoon but Sheehan manages to keep him grounded. The rest of the cast is great too; Lauren Socha’s Kelly (far right) is like a telepathic Eliza Doolitle with a violent streak. Iwan Rheon (center) plays the introverted and invisible Simon with a soft and almost cute creepiness (Like a bizarro Jasper). Antonia Thomas (far left) is Alisha who’s power sends anyone who touches her into a sexual frenzy – but they remember nothing after which makes things interesting between her and her boyfriend, Curtis played by Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (second from left) an athlete with the power of rewinding a few minutes. Every episode feels epic both in terms of character development and plot, I still feel like the ground covered in the first season was equal to a season of Sons of Anarchy, which is double its length.

Season One Trailer

Season Two Trailer

And a youtube Nathan Young Compilation

Check it out if you have a chance!

Here’s the stupid rest of tonight’s specials:

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 8:00 ABC

Taylor Swift: Speak Now 8:00 NBC

NBC’s People of the Year 9:00 NBC (duh)

Beyonce’s I Am… World Tour 9:30 ABC

The Apprentice 10:00 NBC – Actually this is new tonight. Not that anyone even cares at all.

It only get’s slimmer from here till the new year. Brace yourselves.



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