GLEE: “Those Nazis Can Be Slippery”

Now that I have stopped crying I am prepared to write a recap/review of this week’s GLEE “FURT”.

This week marked 3 different unions:

1. Kurt’s father + Finn’s mama getting engaged and married in the period of 42 minutes

2. Kurt + Finn becoming FURT, in the brotherly sense

3. Ms. Sue Sylvester marrying Ms. Sue Sylvester in the classiest track suit wedding dress I’ve ever laid my eyes on!

in other important revelations: people wised up to Kurt’s bullying and even Sue pulled it together and pretended that she was a terrific role model.  Additionally, Rachel stopped thinking about herself for five seconds and organized ‘the lucky girls dating football players’ to get their main squeezes to intimidate FURY (Karofsky) on Kurt’s behalf.

Here are my problems with the first revelation:

1) SUE IS A BULLY. This is similar to what happened when Perez Hilton started blogging in support of “IT GETS BETTER” to raise awareness towards the major problems facing bullying.  But Perez fessed up to his hypocrisy both on his vlog and The Ellen Degeneres Show.  Sue Sylvester may not be a real person, but every attempt Glee makes to humanize only infuriates me. Her mother bullies her so she takes her anger out on…SIXTEEN YEAR OLDS?!?!?! are u kidding me?! Sue normally has the best writers, and they definitely delivered in this episode as well — but at the wrong times.  In the final moments when Sue tells Kurt and his parents that FURY is returning to the school, the very serious scene transfers from Kurt to Sue’s “hilarious” confessions.

I LOOOOOOOOVE Jane Lynch. as far as I’m concerned, we are meant to be BFF in real life and shoot the shit over some beers — and I don’t even drink beer. SHE IS SO BEYOND FANTASTIC I CAN’T PROFESS MY LOVE AND ADMIRATION FOR HER ENOUGH — BUT…I am living in the past. I do not like Sue Sylvester. BUT I DO LOVE KURT!!!!

this episode was another fantastic Chris Colfer (Kurt) showcase, where even the songs were centered around how amazing and perfect he is just being himself!!!

In order to prevent the rest of this post from becoming political, which at this point I’m so angry about Kurt’s situation that it definitely well could… I would like to turn the attention to diva Carol Burnett: NAZI HUNTER — did you know they apparently LOVE her in Israel 😉

she played Sue and Jean’s neglectful mother who chose to chase those slippery Nazis over being a mother to her daughters. She did not take Sue’s decision to marry herself so well. (ok political for a sec: was that ryan murphy’s signal as to what’s more bizarre, marrying yourself or marrying someone of the same sex? — I THINK SO!!!) either way — she was incredible in OHIO and had some wonderful lines, most notably “I AM NOOOOOOOOOT”

all in all – great episode, very important messages were given to Glee’s wide audience – AND MOST IMPORTANTLY I am so excited to see Kurt where he belongs — SHOWCASED AT ANOTHER SCHOOL WHERE RACHEL DOESN’T STEAL THE SOLOS FROM ‘PORCELAIN’

until next week fellow Gleeks… PS. sorry I’m so harsh on Sue — check out PARTY DOWN and you’ll understand why…


Hey folks, J here.

My girl P is still fuming about last night’s episode so she asked me to cover the songs from this week. Now while I don’t hate Glee, I very strongly resent it. It has incredible potential but it continues to waste it in favor of family friendly plots – I do however think the first 13 episodes are great. Just to provide you a little context.

Ohio – Sung by Sue and Doris Sylvester

The harmonies were nice. The rest was completely ludicrous. The song is an antique, and the argument in the middle was a little fun but mostly trite and to have them linking arms after to sing the end of the song was sad. Sue just said she abandoned and one second later she’s holding her mother and singing with her. Too bad too cause the song was kinda nice.

My Grade: C+

Marry You – Sung by New Directions

Bruno’s Mars peppy gleeful ode to eloping was actually not bad. Kurt did say he was planning a Glee wedding. It set the spirit for a happy wedding. It kind of had a Chris-Brown-Forever-aisle-dance vibe which I dug. It was cliche, but wedding are cliche. My only problem is that the groomsmen and bridesmaids were the glee club. Really? There is no other person that you want standing with you then your son’s friends. That he’s been friends with for about a year. Ridiculous.

My Grade: (Song) B What I was subjected to after: F

Sway – Sung by Shue

Shue does a decent impression of Michael Buble. That said this song offered nothing to either the plot nor my criticism that Glee is painstakingly uncreative in it’s music. (Teenage Dream which is a solid A+ was arranged by the ‘Bubs) Morrison is a great singer and the key change halfway through woke me up a little.

My Grade: C –

Just The Way You Are – Sung by Finn and ND

The most grating aspect about Glee is how often it turns into what Ryan Murphy wished his high school experience was like. This was another one of those. A painful love song sung by a straight guy to his gay step brother. First of all Cory Montieth may be able to sing a little, but from the first note it was painfully clear he is leagues below Bruno Mars. Now I get that new directions wanted to do something nice for Kurt in light of the bullying, but why at the wedding? Why not at school? At an assembly? In front of everyone? Because this show feels the need to be as patronizing as possible

My Grade: F (Past F’s include Imagine, One and Let’s Get Physical)

*** double update***

P here, thanks for taking over J. it was a tough night for me and my boy Kurt — great song recaps, I agree completely except for the finale song “just the way you are” — ARE U COO COO BANANAS?!?! it was fantastic — and i am not a fan of finn’s voice or dancing. I thought it was a lot of fun and the best number of the episode. just my (additional) 2 cents.

Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


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