What’s On: Wednesday

Thanksgiving episodes are abound, they’re usually the last episode of sweeps, so they’re chock full of laughs and plot. Take last night’s awesome Raising Hope or even awesomer Parenthood – thanksgiving can only bring good TV, and with that in mind here are our recommendations for tonight, Wednesday November 24, 2010.

The Best:

Survivor “We Did It Guys” 8:00 on CBS

Brenda was voted out last week in a shocking tribal – and I loved every nano second of it. NaOnka has turned into a real player and tonight she sets her target on Fabio. Could NaOnka actually win this?… No. She cant. She’s a terrible person.

ABC Wednesday Night Comedy Block

The Middle “Thanksgiving II” 8:00 on ABC

Last year The Middle’s thanksgiving episode was one of the first season’s funniest. Tonight; Norm McDonald guests as Mike’s brother who comes for Thanksgiving dinner. This show does not get nearly enough credit. Patricia Heaton is perfect and I hated Raymond… and I hated Debra more, but here she is more at home in the role of Frankie, the exhausted pulled in all directions mother – she’s so good in fact I often forget it’s her. The standout in my opinion is Eden Sher. Who? Exactly! Eden Sher plays Sue Heck, the geeky, awkward, wannabe middle child of the family – and she’s a comic dream. She has the timing of an old pro and knows the ins and outs  of her character so well it’s frankly astonishing to me that she’s not better known for this role.  The Middle isn’t always great – but when it is, it’s amazing.

Better With You “Better With Thanksgiving” 8:30 on ABC

I understand why people are apprehensive to give this show a chance – a relationship comedy that examines relationships in three various stages of one family – sounds kinda trite, but this show is genuinely funny. The laugh track seems a little out of place despite the sitcom-y format, but that’s really my only major criticism of this show. Is it perfect? No way, but the jokes are funny and the characters are very real. Jennifer Finnigan (Student Bodies) and Josh Cooke (Big Day) play Maddie and Ben – an uptight couple together 9 years, Joanna Garcia (Reba) and Jake Lacy (Nuthin’) are the young and carefree Mia and Casey and finally veterans Debra Jo Rupp (Kitty from That 70’s Show) and Kurt Fuller (The Coroner Woody on Psych!)  play Maddie and Mia’s parents. What’s developed in the first 8 episodes are interesting characters, who never seem to cartoon-y even when they’r written that way. Like the Middle, it can be hit and miss – but when it hits it strikes gold. Dont have a promo for tonight, but I have one for the 3rd episode – which is the one that made me decide I was better with Better With You.

Modern Family “Mother Tucker” 9:00 on ABC

Modern Family deserves it’s spot as the top dog in comedy…it’s near perfect… still don’t love Alex though…Anyway tonight, Celia Weston guest stars as Cameron’s Mother. Parent Casting of the Year. Beats Keith Carradine as Penny’s dad on Big Bang, beats Don Johnson as Kenny’s dad on Eastbound. I don’t need to tell you to watch – you prob already are. Here’s tonight’s promo.

Cougar Town “When The Time Comes” 9:30 on ABC

Possibly the best kept secret about Cougar Town are how funny their end credit scenes are, that last minute of funny with all the names on the bottom. Taking advantage of the minute to squeeze out as many jokes as possible. I always set my DVR a few mins extra so I don’t miss it. In lieu of a promo, here’s my all time fave – the Spaced-inspired truth gun shoot out!

and here’s the hilarious original from the Brit-com Spaced

Hilarious right? I love Simon Pegg!

But that ain’t all folks! Here’s the rest of what tonight’s got to offer:

Human Target 8:00 FOX – Chance protect the wife of a man he murdered. Ames tries to get Guerrero to mentor her. Fox, based on their schedule doesn’t have a lot of faith in this so enjoy it while you can.

Hell’s Kitchen 9:00 FOX – The top 4 compete. Ramsay screams.

Terriers 10:00 FX – I’m gonna use the winter break to catch up on this PI drama. Worth it? Lemme know.

So that’s it for tonight –  as we move closer to the holidays, the pickins get slimmer and slimmer. Check back tomorrow for recaps!


3 responses to “What’s On: Wednesday

  • baruch

    is that show middle any good? i hate any show that has a laugh track or tries to teach a morality lesson at the end- (anything thats not its always sunny), will the middle be for me?

    • tvocrats

      I also resent Lessons and Laughtracks… in the Middle – sort of like the Simpsons, lessons are learnt – but completely forgotten by the next episode. It’s a solid family comedy, the kids are really funny. Check out an episode or two to see if it’s for you.

    • Megan

      I’ve seen it. It’s pretty funny usually.

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