The EVENT RECAP “I’m not going to shoot you, I’m going to give you a choice.”

Oh the EVENT… so silly, so satisfying… It’s Thanksgiving time and who better to celebrate it with the EVENT, the TV equivalent of your crazy uncle! Last night was no exception to the crazy or the plot stalling, which because of the crazy I can forgive for a while. NBC is planning a relaunch in the late winter/early spring – hopefully it’ll move a little faster.

The plot last night highlighted Shawn and Leila’s search for her sister Samantha, and explored the heirarchy of the Aliens society. Also VP Jarvis awoke from his coma only to be silenced by his wife who relayed a threat from the conspirators. It did have a nice cornfield chase sequence, which brings us to the…

The “WHAT?!?!” List
Chronicling the events in the EVENT that make us nuts.

10. How do I get that iPhone group deal? Episode started with various people receiving a text (the date of their landing on earth) on their iPhones. Everyone of them had iPhones. I bet they got a sweet group rate.

9. 10,000 Maniacs The Aliens gathered at a conference center where Sophia took the podium to speak to her subjects, when she finished, we panned out to see thousands of people. Thousands. That’s how many people landed here? They’ve really misinterpreted their numbers…

8. Always time for Sex Sean and Leila took time off searching for Leila 8 year old sister for some motel sex. Because people totally have high libidos when they’re searching for missing children. Agent Collier  (Where did she come from???) called and informed them that one of the girls on Sean’s list escaped.

7. So this girl just escaped? I say again – So this girl just escaped? The biggest conspiracy in the world – that can get to the vice president and that knows about aliens, that even is able to steal the youth of children let a terrified disfigured little girl escape? And with no explanation of her escape. I am baffled…

6. Gets off on withholding Sean and Leila show up at the girl’s house, wanting to ask her a few questions – the parents say no. Their girl has been through enough. Makes sense, but when she emerges from her room, even knowing who Leila is  – her parents kept saying no. Why? This is a missing 8 year old girl. And their not going to help for a second? It was clear this was setting up the cornfield confrontation. But it was a sad plot stall…

5. Agent Oblivious Sophia met with all the Alien leaders – kinda like a congressman – to go over the plan for return home when she was blindsided by their desire to stay on earth. Isabelle, an alien, told Sophia that the majority of them want to remain in their lives on earth. Sophia was blindsided but what’s more shocking is that Agent Lee, the Alien’s choice to be their man on the inside and the only one in constant communication with Sophia didn’t know. I doubt that if the majority of a race feels a certain way; a high ranking member would not be oblivious to those feelings. Shame…

4. Matricide?? Thomas showed what exactly what kind of easy target for manipulation he can be as he let his mother and the sexy Isabelle (Necar Zadegan, most recently on 24’s final season as Dalia Hassan) pull his strings in different directions. Isabelle wants to stay and she conspired with Thomas to… Kill his mother? What kind of person allows a casual sex partner to manipulate them into killing their mother?…a really weak one. He failed of course as Sophia was able to manipulate her way out of it, and in doing so reduced her son to tears. Atta girl!

3. Good things always happen in cornfields right? Sean and Leila followed the withholders to a gas station, little did they know an agent of the conspiracy was close behind. Leila cornered the girl in the bathroom and got a few sparse details (something about injections or some crap) and soon the agent was shooting – so the whole gang runs into a…Cornfield… because that always works..Oh wait. That never works. But in the magical world of the EVENT the cornfield provided enough cover for Sean to disarm the agent and to find out his target was…LEILA.

2. Maim or Banish? Sophia confronted Isabelle on a dock – where all the best confrontations happen right? and gave her an option. Shoot herself in her kneecap or be excommunicated from her people. People never recover from shots like that. I though this scene was rather excellent actually. It was super cool to to see the wheels turn in Isabelle’s head – excommunication was never an option for her, Sophia knew that, she just looked down at her with pity. It was a badass scene.

1. On Golden Inostranka Was it just me or was Laura Innes invoking the late great Katherine Hepburn’s signiture warble last night. The shaky verbage mixed with that New England drawl – you know what I’m talking about. It was hilarious, it kind of camped it up more if that’s even possible.

Well that’s the list for this week. What did you guys think was ridiculous last night?


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