How I Met Your Hurley: “I’m the Bueller, ch-ch-chka”

It was a Ballroom Thanksgiving Blitz on HIMYM this week, with what will surely be a classic episode thanks to guest star Jorge Garcia (LOST’s Hurley).  The running joke of the episode was the curse of the ‘Blitz’ — where one person CONTINUOUSLY misses out on incredible and mindblowing events (like Led Zeppelin reuniting at a cousin’s Bar Mitzvah and a rube goldberg ending with a top hat on a turkey).  For the gang, Garcia was Ted and Marshall’s college blitz…and eventually he passes the curse on to Ted when Ted decides to call it a night and the rest of the gang runs into his nemesis/activist Zoe who leads them through an incredible night of ‘The Gentleman’ and SMSing Marshall’s junk to a random, yet deep thinking, telephone number titled, Senor Wang (by me), Wang Guy (by the writers).

Eventually Ted saves himself from becoming the Blitz and the curse is passed to Barney, as the gang cabs all over NYC trying to find an oven to cook Ted’s turkey in a turkey – eventually accepting Zoe’s Thanksgiving invitation.

The episode left us with the possibility of Ted and Zoe calling it a truce with the realization that her life is far from perfect – her step daughter wants nothing to do with her, leaving her alone for the holiday.  Ted, because he’s a huge sap, seemingly lets all past infractions go — and the episode ends with Garcia missing out on a beautiful naked lady in an elevator with Barney — thus taking back the title of ‘DA BLITZ’.

special moments:

– any Ferris Bueller reference had me LOL-ing

– Barney’s monologue about college girls returning for thanksgiving and fighting with their mothers — spot on (and again, remember I am NOT a Barney fan but he has been delivering lately)

– “Master baster” – Zoe



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