Hired/Sorta Fired!



According to Deadline, Taylor Momsen, who Tim Gunn called “pathetic” has been sidelined for the foreseeable future. I think we can attribute Gossip Girl’s uptick in quality to Momsen’s absence, she’s only been in three episodes this season. This is so cool! It’s like for once an actor is being benched for their off-screen antics and they don’t play one of the interesting characters (Jessica Beil – 7th Heaven; Mary was ganster). She’s going to be absent for 4 consecutive episodes starting with the Midseason finale on Dec 6th. Cheers to Josh Schwartz! I’ll update the more hired or fired she gets.

True Blood Casting Frenzy!

True Blood has added three people to it’s ensemble regular cast. For those who have not  read Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mystery  book series, season three will follow (*Spoiler Alert*) Witches, a coven of V addicted witches that makes their way to Bon Temps. Halfway through last season Joe Manganiello who plays Werewolf Alcide Herveaux got bumped up to a regular, and now three more have joined him.

Fiona Shaw who’s probably best known as Petunia Dursley in the Harry Potter film series, joins the cast as Marnie – a charlatan palm reader who becomes the host body for an evil wiccan spirit. This is probably the Hollow Stonebrook character from the novel.

The beautiful Janina Gavankar, who spent the summer slumming it on ABC’s supernatural soap/drama The Gates joins the cast as Luna – a sexy school teacher and shifter. Like Manganiello before her (he was on One Tree Hill I’m looking forward to seeing her with some quality material.

Jessica Tuck, who since the shows pilot has played the American Vampire League spokeswoman Nan Flanagan has after guest starring for 3 seasons been promoted to full fledged series regular. Jessica Tuck was a regular for Judging Amy’s full run and played the mother of Ashley Tisdale’s character in Disney’s High School Musical series. I’m super stoke about this hire particularly – I’m fascinated by the heirarchy of TB’s vamps, and I love the double-sidedness of Tuck’s bureaucrat character.

Alexandra Brecekenridge (Family Guy) and Vedette Lim (nuthin really…) also join as recurring characters.


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