What’s On: Monday

The final week of November sweeps is upon us. Shows are getting ready to power down for the Christmas Holiday, new scripted fare will be a rarity in the coming weeks. Tonight however is only a bad night for Castle, 90201 and Gossip Girl fans, as they’re old or not on this week. Here are our recommendations for tonight, Monday November 22, 2010.

How I Met Your Mother, “Blitzgiving” 8:00 on CBS

Jorge Garcia (Lost) guest stars tonight. In case you haven’t heard he just got rehired by JJ Abrams to headline his new Alcatraz (he’ll produce, the awesome Elizabeth Sarnoff will be showrunner) series over at FOX. Anyway he plays the gang’s friend the Blitz, a dude with really bad luck. Hmmm… I don’t like when people frak with Lost on other shows… I guess we’ll see how it goes.

The EVENT “Your World to Take” 9:00 on NBC

I harp on the EVENT a lot in my recaps – and why not it’s ridiculous. But it’s ridiculous to the point of campy brilliance. I wish I was kidding, but it’s at a point creatively (Youth stealing? Aliens?) that if the series fully dispensed with the 24 style plot stalling, it could rise to a be a Lost meets 24 meets DYNASTY, and that would be cool. Here’s tonight’s promo!

Skating with the Stars “First Performances” 9:10 on ABC

Grilled Cheezus this is really happening again. Yeah I said again because it was 4 years ago that FOX ran the similarly titled Skating with Celebrities. They use the word celebrity very loosely here. Bethany Frankel aka Runner-Up on Apprentice Martha Stewart (fine she’s also a Real Housewife but not to me), Vince Neil (Motley Crue), the skinny guy from Sonny With A Chance,  some soap actress, an olympic skier, and the reason I’ll DVR and watch a segment; Sean Young. That’s right, the certifiably nutty actress who the promo calls a “film icon.” I give Young credit for her part of Ace Ventura, No Way Out and Blade Runner but her long film career is tainted with crazy. She was fired from Dick Tracy for not being maternal enough, basically edited out of Wall Street, she had to quit Burton’s Batman cause she broke her arm and while lobbying to get the role of Catwoman in the second, she was seen around Hollywood in a homemade costume most recenty she crashed the 2006 Vanity Fair oscar party and was a drunk mess. Check out her super crazy personal website with various sections containing a countdown to Dec 21, 2012, a 13 moon calendar one called “Me Crazy?” No joke. This lady is nutterbutter, she even seems drunk in the ABC interview below.  Tune in and watch a train wreck.

I hate mondays sometimes. When it’s bleak it’s really bleak – I take 90210 for granted. Anyways, here’s the rest of tonight’s fare:

House 8:00 FOX – House tries to cure Jesus Christ or so the promo makes me believe.

Lie To Me 9:00 FOX – Annette O’Toole (Smallville) guest stars tonight as someone that probably lies to Lightman.

In Treatment 9:00 & 9:30 HBO – I’m a week behind…shrug…

Mike & Molly 9:30 CBS – Katy Mixon! Katy Mixon! Katy Mixon!

Hawaii 5-O 10:00 CBS – Bang bang! Surf surf! Bland bland…

I wish it was tomorrow. Carol Burnett’s on Glee. CAROL FREAKING BURNETT.

Till then!


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