Dexter Recap “Teenagers. They can make you homicidal”

“Tell me about it”

Last night’s episode of Dexter felt like an interruption – almost vacant of progression, it rather explored Astro Astor and what’s been going on in her life since her mother died. Progression on the Electro Barrel Murder Club front was minimal with plot focused on Dexter stealing a blood sample from a vial worn by Jordan Chase.

Astor’s reappearance did provide a few interesting things; mainly Deb’s introduction to Lumen. The scene was awkward as hell, and smart Lumen got out of there fast. After she did Deb began interrogating Dexter “Seriously, that’s your tenant?” I saw the look on Dex’s face – I can’t remember the last time a lie had betrayed him more. I wouldn’t have believed him either, and usually I think he fibs top notch.

Asshole Astor showed up scaring Lumen half to death, with a friend named Olivia in tow. Lumen eventually figures out that they were running from Olivia’s mom’s boyfriend – who beats the shit out of her,  but only in places that don’t show. The guy comes looking for Olivia and Dexter beats the shit out of him, all while trying to be a good dad, trying to talk essentially “ a battle of wills with my drunk shoplifting teenage stepdaughter – and she’s going to win.” In the end she didn’t but she did  figure out why Dexter needed Lumen (no surprise to us! It’s his healing for Rita) and with that whatever Lumen is to Dexter got Astor’s acceptance.

Deb was consigned to the file room where a missing piece of evidence in the EBMC case surfaced – multiple unsubs (as Hotch would say). LaGuerta refused to reopen the case, thought it was Deb trying to get back at her. In a battle of wills of her own against LaGuerta, Deb screamed about Quinn’s vacation (suspension), and throwing her under the bus and also something about them being first and foremost police and LaGuerta reopened the case – but before she did she explained that Quinn was on suspension for investigating Dexter.

In the end we found out the real reason LaGuerta reopened the case (I knew it wasn’t her police acumen) Batista has been sleeping on the couch, and her reopening the case was apparently the first of many steps in repairing their relationship.

Deb went to interrogate Quinn who loves her and now they’re fighting.  He came clean about everything but Liddy who basically spent the whole episode menacing in the corner (shooting the kid with his fingers was cute though). Uncovering what’s going on with Dexter is Liddy’s redemption and Quinn realizes now that he’s unleashed a monster. I predict Quinn and Dexter will take Liddy out together – or something like that – they’re not gonna Doakes this. Well… they better not Doakes this.

Dexter was able to sneak away the blood sample it was from a girl who is very much alive. Leverage. Cool. The bad part is that Chase figured it out and the episode ended chillingly as he called seeking Dexter but instead spoke to Lumen – calling her by name – taunting her with his tick tick tick catchphrase. Maybe Stiles shoulda done horror in her teen years cause she sure does terrified well.

That’s pretty much it. A sorta blah episode with a few good moments but it had a KILLER ending… haha get it… Sorry guys it’s been a long freaking monday. Did you agree or was this episode your cup of tea?


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