It’s Always Sunny: “You want to take me to a spa.ghetti?”

Charlie: what is your spaghetti policy?
Dee: Are you hearing this? He doesn’t belong in a place like this.

this week on Always Sunny, Frank tells the gang it’s Charlie’s birthday, and in an attempt to make them less ‘cynical’ convinces them to throw him a surprise party based on ideas from Charlie’s dream journal and appearances from his friends from under the bridge.

The above quote came from Dee’s attempt to bring Charlie to redeem 2 coupons at a spa. Having never heard of the word spa, Charlie, king of the rats, assumes it is short for spaghetti.  The scene with Charlie trying to watch a “third dimensional” movie was priceless – and him sneaking spaghetti in Dee’s purse had me remembering the good times I had sneaking food into cinemas with my late grandmother.

My favorite part of the episode was when Dee, Dennis, and Mac visit Duncan and Charlie’s other friends from under the bridge to invite them to the party (pic above.) OBVIOUSLY THESE ARE PEOPLE FRANK WOULD ASSOCIATE WITH!!!!

In the end, Frank lied about it being Charlie’s birthday in a pathetic attempt to trick the others into planning his own party.  They, naturally, did not learn a lesson about being less cynical and didn’t even wish Frank ‘happy birthday’ when he confessed to his luau lies.  Instead they walked Charlie down a bar full of his dreams – denim chicken, toothbird, and an assortment of WORM HATS –‎”And then the third one — and this is the best one, Charlie — is a hat for your worm, if you want him to be fancy.”

extra points:

– frank and charlie in the sauna

– dennis buying himself a shirt with mac’s money

– charlie’s realization that he is, in fact, a rat.


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