American Idol Change-up!

and is Fringe doomed?

Community, the Vampire Diaries and Big Bang better be shakin’s in their booties, per a press release from Fox making the rounds today it looks like American Idol is shifting down one day a week. The performances will take place 8:00 on Wednesday and  the results show will air on Thursday at 8:00. Fox decided to stick with their Glee/Raising Hope tuesday combo, which has settled nicely and move their powerhouse Idol up against CBS super-hit The Big Bang Theory. Fox also announced premier dates for their winter and spring seasons, highlights include Shawn Ryan’s cop drama The Chicago Code starring Jennifer Beals premiering Feb 6, and Breaking In, a sitcom starring Christian Slater and Odette Yustman.

The Winner:

Raising Hope is looking like the only winner – it gets to keep a timeslot it’s settled into nicely.

Could Win/Could Lose:

Bones. It could benefit from a nice lead in from Idol’s plus size audience at the same time it’s going up against The Office, CSI and *gulp* Grey’s Anatomy.


American Dad – With the premier of Bob’s Burgers in the Cleveland Show’s spot, and Cleveland at 9:30, American Dad moves to 7:30 to anchor the night. American Dad? Anchor? Not really. American Dad is the nice touch at the end of a good night of comedy. Cleveland is a much better choice for 7:30  but oh well.

Fringe – Do you hear that? … It’s the sound of Fringe being put to death on Friday Nights. That’s right folks Fringe is moving to fridays; which according to AICN has been murdering sci-fi series since 1993. Such mostly awesome series as Millenium, Dark Angel, John Doe, The Lone Gunmen, Dollhouse, Firefly, Wonderfalls… need I go on? This does not bode well as Fringe’s ratings are below what FOX would merit as acceptable – in the 18-49 group; it hovers at around a 1.9 share whereas Glee, Fox’s highest rated series averages a little above 5.  I guess it was a matter of time for a series as weird and brilliant as Fringe to move to friday – it’s just really sad to see it happen.


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