What’s On: Friday

It’s friday again; the day we play catch up with our DVR’s (I have Boardwalk Empire and NCIS LA saved!) If you are so inclined to watch new episodes tonight, her are our recommendations for tonight, Friday November 18th, 2010.

The Best:

Supernatural “Clap Your Hands If You Believe” 9:00 on CBS

Out of all the series I don’t watch, Supernatural is the one I have the most respect for.  It has an insanely dedicated fan base that has made it a hit on fridays for the last two seasons. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles were bounced around the CW casting couch for years before they found  Supernatural; Ackles was on Smallville and Dawson’s Creek while Padalecki was on Gilmore Girls and starred in failed WB pilots for both the Lone Ranger and Youn MacGuyver. Tonight the brothers Winchester take on faeries. That’s right, evil, cute, magical faeries. Here’s the promo!

Blue Bloods “Re-Do” 10:oo on CBS

Blue Bloods is a solid crime series anchored by great acting. Donnie Wahlberg  is so good in this series he makes me forget he’s Donnie Wahlberg; which is a big deal. Tonight, killers are released from prison and like every other crime in NYC it seems to directly effect various members of this family.  Here’s tonight’s promo:

Remember back in the day when good shows like American Gothic and Picket Fences were on fridays? Sigh… here’s the rest of Friday’s fare:

Medium 8:00 CBS – Medium burns off it’s last few episodes over the next few weeks for a finale on Jan 21, 11.

School Pride 8:00 NBC – Extreme Home Makeover for schools. Oh god.

Supernanny 8:00 ABC – Jo Frost is sexy.

CSI:NY 9:00 CBS – I prefer Gary Sinise when he’s a legless vet or being denied space travel.

The Good Guys 9:00 FOX – I never really took to this series. It premiered in the summer when TV drought was in full swing. Bottom line: There’s never enough on the line in this series for me to care.


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