Grey’s Anatomy Recap “Excellent suggestion fellow surgeon!”

Last night’s episode was a quieter installment than the last few weeks but it also kept with the upward trend of Grey’s Anatomy’s quality. “Slow Night, So Long” explored the mysterious world of the Night Shift. A time when the real doctors go home to their lives and their cases are taken over by the Residents. We started at the Grey/Shepherd house for wayward doctors. Is it just me or does every doctor under the attending level live together? (Now that Christina is out of the program). April is chipper, Alex is a zombie and Jackson has night terrors about Charlie….

Meredith took over for Doctor Stark (Peter MacNichol), the condescending pedes attending that tried to steal Alex’s idea last week and Jackson and Lexie were on emergency. April was around too.

While the residents were workin’ on their night moves; the attendings went to Joe’s bar to celebrate Derek winning an Alzhiemer’s grant. (Is Derek curing Alzheimer’s awesome or ridiculous?) The whole gang shows up and is shell shocked to find Christina bartending; hilariously filling up a pint with just foam. Owen told her to get a job so she got one. It strikes me as optimistic that Christina took a job at Joe’s. She could have got a job anywhere, but she chose a place near Seattle Grace, a bar frequented by her friends and former colleagues. Baby steps right?

We were soon introduced to the episode’s patients; teen brothers who tried to out run a train in a car, teen lovers who super-glued their arms together and a child with post surgical troubles. We were treated to some Grade A gore effects with the brothers. I don’t even know what the white stuff was! And the shredded leg was made me cringe in the best possible way. Just looking at it Jackson knew they had to call Hunt, who arrived to essentially pronounce Shred-Leg dead. Meredith’s patient was in a lot of pain and the mother (a nurse) begged her to call Stark, so she did. He was not pleased one bit ; Tiramasu! he cried in agony having missed his favorite dessert at dinner; he chided Meredith for calling him in for farts.

Derek asking Christina if she was having fun was the best moment of the episode for me. She said yes but every part of her face said no, she then carried a tray of shots over to a bachelor party, and as she did Derek looked at what the once future legend had become and for the first time he looked like he made a mistake being passive with Christina. Mark my words: He’ll be the one that brings our girl back! This shook Derek so much that Mark had to remind him the party was in his honor.  The booze (Early Onset Alzheimer’s  – a drink Christina invented) kept flowing and Callie gained the cojones to ask Teddy if Arizona mentions her. She doesn’t  – and with that Callie went to find her sexual palate cleanser (“Sexual sorbet! I love it!”).

Meredith vented to Karev about Stark (“back-stabbing weasel”) and also for pedes advice (Alex is the best kiddie doc!) before the Chief stormed in. The mother of the kid had worked the system and got the Chief’s home number. The Chief expediting the CT was pretty funny (“This is not your dude”) but it was his only scene in the episode – at least he wasn’t at the party; I don’t know what would have been harder – resisting all the alcohol or seeing Christina bartend.

Lexie was tasked with updating the parents about their living child only to arrive to the horror of them not knowing their younger son had died. Lexie totally stepped up, she even said “I” and “My best efforts” personally taking responsibility as she informed them their son had died. Chyler Leigh is tragically underrated in this role, she’s a skilled comedienne and a true team player.

Lexie returned to surgery and remarked about how the living son will deal with essentially killing his brother, Jackson freaked out (Charlie! Mystery Solved) simple deduction lets us know that Jackson accidentally killed his brother (or sister but the suggestion was heavy)

Altman and Bailey stumbled drunk around the hospital. Bailey was especially funny trying to buy food and monologuing about fistulas. Altman couldn’t even look at Christina bartending, “My star student, the most promising resident I’ve ever seen” and with her keys taken away by Joe (yay responsibility) wandered her drunk off in the hospital.

The kid turns out to have a perforated ulcer and he needs surgery and Stark was no where to be found. Doubting if anyone would even show up Meredith and Alex called an OR team together and kept trying to call Stark. And when he didn’t show up, it was time for Meredith and Alex to take the stage.

Meredith and Alex are probably my favorite friends on the show. Christina and Meredith will always be the best example of best friends on primetime drama, but Alex and Mere are two character who have been on similar paths since the beginning of the series – in love with people who don’t love them back only to marry eventually. They’ve also been the darkest characters and often at the same time – I’m shocked they never smushed. At the end of the episode the reminisced about their first day. How only two of them would make it. They each thought it would be them and Christina. They don’t get how they’re the two – it was cute. They’ve had the biggest growth over the whole series and it’s nice to see them in battle together. At the end when Stark was yelling at them for performing surgery without him, the looks on their faces were perfect, they know they’re right and they wouldn’t change a thing. Oh! I was wrong the Chief did have another scene as he looked on at Meredith and Alex in approval as Stark was yelling. It’s all part of the journey.

Last night’s Grey’s was not one of the biggest and  flashiest but it was a quality hour –  and I love highlighting Meredith and Alex’s relationship. What did you guys like?



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