Fringe Recap “I’m going home”

Aggghh! Two Weeks! TWO WEEKS! We have to wait two weeks for the conclusion (?) to what has arguably been the arc of the television season… and what a cliffhanger!  It might not have been the strongest episode of the season but it held its own among the rest.

The mystery-of-the-week concerned a mysterious Red-U kidnapper who secretes sucrose called… The Candyman. Creepy. This dude doesn’t kill, but returns children a few days later very ill and deeply disturbed. Past victims include: Broyles’ son Chris. It turned out to be a former doctor turned preacher who was extracting fluid from the pituitary gland to create a youth serum (the EVENT?).Olivia rescued the child (but, she identified herself as FBI – which doesn’t exist in Alt-World) Not really relevant to the series plot as a whole, but entertaining none the less.

BUT! At the hospital, the child Olivia rescued asked her what the FBI was. Broyles overheard and figured out that she knows who she is. He decided to do nothing… decent move…not that it mattered…

On the Send-Olivia-Home front, Olivia figured out who she is and where she’s really from, and set in motion the plan! A plan involving Bubbles (honestly I don’t know his characters’ name I just like seeing Bubbs looks all healthy) driving her into the middle of the bay, her swimming to the DOD liberty island lab, breaking into the sensory deprivation chamber and fluttering into her home universe. It all worked perfectly until; just like last time, Olivia couldn’t sustain herself in our world and fluttered home, her charade over.

BUT! She was able to pass a message to the helpful janitor before she fluttered home. And we ended with Peter getting a call. Telling him he’s been played. Awesome!

Tonight was all Lance Reddick and Anna Torv. I was a huge Lt. Daniels’ fan and I hated seeing Reddick relegated to making mysterious eyes at people and assigning cases. But tonight we got a sweet Broyles-Centric episode and even though it was Alt-Broyles, it was still great.

Random Thoughts…

Chris Broyles was listening to The Shadow. I am a fan of the Alec Baldwin version. (I was a kid leave me alone.)

I really hope we get to see Lincoln Lee in our universe. Jeremy Gabel fit into this world too well to squander on one universe.

Walternate just popped up to spout ominous warnings; mainly that Faulivia has almost finished her mission and would be home soon.

I can’t possibly wait two weeks but I guess I’ll have to. What did you guys think? Is this the best Fringe plot ever?


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