WOW. What an episode. Exciting and strategy focused from the beginning  plus the mystery of Kelly Purple solved! (She’s a complete idiot airhead); it was a lot of fun. P and I will get into it in much further detail tomorrow but for now –

Holly devised a plan to take out Brenda – Jane, Benry, Fabio, NaOnka hopped on board. Camp went into a tailspin after NaOnka went to Chase and Sash and told them the plan. Brenda seemed unaffected. And thusly she was voted out by a whopping 8 – 2 even Chase and Sash abandoned her (Clueless Kelly Purple voted Benry, while Brenda voted Na’).

Anyways like I said earlier P and I will discuss in mucho detail tomorrow – but easily the most jam packed episode this season!


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