Harry Shum Jr.’s abs are here to stay!

Looks like he’s just the other Asian no more; Harry Shum Jr. was promoted to series regular. I say – Good Show! With recent talk of promoting Chord Overstreet or Darren Criss, its refreshing to see Fox went with Shum Jr., who made an impact on the series from his first pirouette. The made a great decision – this dude can move! Check him out pulling some Donald O’Connor moves in this weeks ep.

He’s a great dancer and a great permanent addition to the show.

Mayim Bialik blossoms into Regular!

If you payed close attention to last weeks episode, you may already know this (She was listed in the opening credits in between Nayyar and Rauch) but Mayim Bialik was upgraded to a regular for the rest of the fourth season. A deal that was similar to Sara Gilbert’s in season 2, it doesn’t require for her to appear in every episode and carries a pick up option should the writers find adequate storylines for the character (weak story was the reason for Gilbert’s downgrade). A great move as Bialik has proved an asset to the series since her minute long guest appearance in last seasons finale, here it is below.

A match made in TV heaven; The Lilith to his Frasier.

What good week for casting huh? I’m super stoked about both additions, what do you guys think?


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