GLEE: The substitute “You’re lucky I can’t fall and crush my talent”

HELLO FELLOW GLEEKS! this week we had a special guest appearance by Ms. Gwyneth (if you’re nasty) – and she wasn’t too shabby! Paltrow played an easy going, medicinal marijuana loving, substitute teacher who related to the kids by referencing Lindsay Lohan in Spanish.  Terrified of Rachel self appointing herself  ‘leader’ while Mr. Schu is out sick, Kurt approaches Gwyneth to substitute for Glee Club as well.  Her first order of business is to razzle dazzle everyone with her hip love for Cee-Lo’s radio friendly ‘Forget You’.

The Cee-Lo cover was fun but it was like a radio friendly version of Eminem. let’s take this over to HBO mmmkay?

Sue, impressed with the new substitute and riled up over her hatred of Will’s hair, decides that top priority while self-appointing herself principal (also playing substitute) will be to fire Will…and get rid of the football team. Beaste bests her “if there’s no team, who will the cheerios cheer for?” and continued to rise to top spot (beside Kurt) on my glee love list.

Also part of Sue’s master plan was to ban ‘tots’ from school lunches. Mercedes had a meltdown and Kurt accused her of replacing him with comfort food because he’s been hanging out with BLAAAAAAAINE so much. sidenote: HOW CUTE ARE KURT AND BLAINE? SO CUTE! and when kurt ‘spit up a purse’ in mercedes’s mind — television gold!

Glee’s storyline with Kurt’s bully is becoming particularly chilling as you could tell Kurt really felt threatened at the end of the episode.

I’m not going to get into Will’s storyline with Terri because it was just weird, but in his absence all the students start to shine by choosing their own songs to sing.

I did not like Make Em’ Laugh and I did not like Rachel’s duet with Gwyneth for Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag. I thought they were fantastic dancers, and I loved Kurt singing along but it just didn’t do it for me.

As for the final number — loved Umbrella, singing in the rain was outdated even for the mashup.

not my fave epsiode, but props to Gwyneth and Sue’s writers.


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