What’s On: Wednesday

Tonight is a night of beginnings and endings. Human Target premiers on FOX and South Park ends on Comedy Central, so ultimately it’s a bittersweet evening. Both series along with a few more are our recommendations for tonight, Wednesday November 17 2010.

The Best:

Season Premiere Alert!

Human Target “Ilsa Pucci” 8:00 on FOX

Human Target returns with it’s first new installment in 7 months!!! The show’s first season had it’s ups and down but ultimately it proved to be an entertaining throwback action series. Christopher Chance (played with epic bravado by Mark Valley) is a protection for hire – his gimmick, he goes undercover and becomes the target – thus the title. It’s a pretty simple premise but it works. Along for the ride are professional thief Guerrero (Oscar Nominee Jackie Earl Haley) and business partner Winston (Chi McBride). This season they’re joined by INDIRA VARMA!! As a series regular no less. She plays the titular Ilsa Pucci who in becoming the team’s benefactor, joins the squad.  Fox gave this a second chance after lower than wanted ratings last season, but unlike every other fledgling series before it, Human Target was given A REAL TIMESLOT! As opposed to the friday night death slot (murderer of Pasadena, Dollhouse and Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles) Here’s the season 2 promo!

Modern Family “Dash, Flash, Crash” 9:00 on ABC

Last week was hell. I lost hair, I didn’t sleep, and all because I missed my Modern Family. Tonight, the family gathers to celebrate Manny’s birthday but Manny (being Manny) has a mid-life crisis.

Cougar Town “Little Girl Blues” 9:30 on ABC

Damn is this show funny. It was always funny but once it abandoned it’s Cougar roots it became hilarious and a perfect companion to Modern Family. I love the characters and their relationships. I wanna be friends with Jules! I wanna play Penny Can! Also for the time being the first season is ridiculously cheap (and cheapest here) like around 17 bucks!  The promo for tonight’s episode is less a promo and more a recap of the series so far.

Season Finale Alert!

South Park “Creme Fraiche” 10:00 on Comedy Central

Tonight is the last South Park of 2010 and it comes after a stellar three-parter skewering The Dark Knight, Lovecraft and the BP oil spill. Tonight Randy Marsh becomes addicted to the Food Network. Overall season 14 has been very strong. 200/201 was easily one of the best episodes of television this year, and their jabs at Jersey and Facebook were also great episodes. Here’s a clip from tonight.

and the rest:

Survivor 8:00 CBS – A fire rips through camp but is still less destructive than NaOnka.

The Middle 8:00 ABC – Severly underrated. Tonight Axl tries to grow a beard and Brick wants independence. Eden Sher who plays daughter Sue is a comic goldmine.

Better With You 8:30 ABC – A very good show with a handicap; it’s laughtrack, which on tonight’s ABC comedy block feels weird and out of place. It’s sad too because the scripts and actors are mostly strong enough I don’t need to be told when to laugh.

Hell’s Kitchen 9:00 FOX – This season has been way more interesting than the last few and it’s probably the casting. The contestants this season are flying off the handle and it’s great to watch.

Hellcats 9:00 CW – Naked pics of Alice circulate the campus. Is it the creepy Dean getting revenge for her stealing the football team’s article? Find out tonight?

Criminal Minds 9:00 CBS – I have to stop watching this in the winter due to seasonal depression. Tonight the team tracks a child murderer and I take the week off.

Psych 10:00 USA – So last week… Shawn and Juliet… Wild. I think it’s great. Five seasons is long enough and James Roday and Maggie Lawson are together for realsies so the chemistry is very strong. I say kudos for taking the leap Bones couldn’t. Tonight involves ghosts, haunted houses and Nora Dunn!!

Terriers 10:00 FX – Hank gets a chance to revisit the case that got him fired from the police force. Only two more puppies (new name for Terriers episodes) left after tonight.

That’s all for tonight – tune in tomorrow for recaps and reviews!


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