HIMYM — Glitter+Sparkles = BF…F?

Aside from Slap Bet and anything involving Marshall, my favorite ongoing joke of the series has been Robyn’s Canadian popstar past: ROBYN SPARKLES!!! this episode definitely provided some laughs, but I think fell short of its full potential.

Famed RENT-Mimi, and Pussycat doll press hog, Nicole Sherzinger, guest starred as Robyn’s former Canadian kid-show co-host (and ex-BFF) Jessica Glitter.  Together, the two sassy Canadians solved crimes in outer space using MATH and their pet beavers.

Barney, of course, found the footage and the gang watched innuendo after innuendo was passed at Sparkle+Glitter’s expense.  As a Canadian I can say that our shows are not this sexy!!! The only real show geared at a PG-13 audience, but is truly for the AA crowd is DEGRASSI (it goes there!)

The gang figures that because Robyn hates kids she dumped Jessica Glitter after she had a baby…leading Lily to fear Robyn will soon dump her too (even though she is not even pregnant yet…LILY!!!!) — but after tracking down Mdme. Glitter at a Rangers game (she is the organ player!) it comes out that she dumped Robyn after she had a baby because she felt as though she would not have time for friends…hence Robyn pushing Lily away.

In my opinion, I still think Robyn was pushing Lily away because she is super annoying and doesn’t talk about anything other than her future baby.

One more storyline because they always try and squeeze in a boring Ted plot. His high school friend came to visit in NYC and was super annoying. Ted felt bad for his friend, but it turns out…his friend felt bad for Ted…because he sucks.

ALSO — I am not Barney’s number 1 fan, but he stole the show with his reality TV ‘goobye’ sequence.

Here’s Robyn Sparkles reuniting with The Glitter for their hit song 2 Beavers Are Better Than One…written by Barney


One response to “HIMYM — Glitter+Sparkles = BF…F?

  • hazyd

    i want to share my thoughts- because it’s quite obvious that ted finding his wife is becoming so incredibly boring, they are going to introduce the wife (anyone with me) case and point: at the beginning of the series bob saget told us that he meets the mother at the wedding he is a best man at. We see ted and marshall that this wedding. at the end of the aforementioned episode… the annoying friend from Cleveland (i thought Cleveland was amazing… proof:30rock) asks ted to be his best man. conspiracy theory…. that’s all.

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