90210 Recap “Did you forget something?”

“Just my son”

J: So… 90210?


J: Ii actually thought the whole gay bar scene was pretty funny and awkward

P: I thought it was all really believable. Including his reaction to leaving his wallet, and that Ian was the only person he could call

it was super awkward. but that’s why it was so great

J: that was totally legit

I think they’re handling this much better than Gia and Adrianna

P: I’m really interested in seeing how this progresses. the writers have been taking this storyline slow and i think its much better that way

MUCH BETTER. this is more believable. it’s not like 1 day he decides he’s gay – he’s grappling with issues and dealing with things slowly. His confession to Ian about boarding school was great

J: it was all great

P: it makes much more sense as to why he was such a womanizer when he started at West Bev

J: for sure, Trevor Donovon biggest weakness is he’s 30 playing 18

he’s a good actor and was handed a goldmine story

P: hahahaha ya but he was an Abercrombie model so he has that over Dawson leery

Let’s talk about Navid/family/Silver/Adrianna; in my opinion, Navid made a huge mistake. He should have spoken with his family before talking to the guidance counselor. I don’t even think anyone would be that stupid to not think of the consequences

J: they did the same love triangle last year with Annie Liam and Naomi. He needed to talk about family issues, Naomi was busy and Annie was there… needs Improvement

P: ya, but Adrianna was RIDICULOUS last night.

J: Navid was so stupid but it was only a matter of time before they do the rich person turns poor plot

P: boooo! I’ve loved her storyline this year, but this was just irritating

J: Adrianna has always been ridiculous

since episode one

P: ya, too bad Navid will have to give up that Ferrari

J: and his mansion

P: with its gigantic doors

J: So fave moment for J: Ivy integrating into the group

love d the awkward opening scene

P: ya that was awesome. also — Naomi always gets the best lines due to her ‘faaaaaaaaaabulous delivery’

J: the exec prod; Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair has said her biggest asset is Annalynn McCord

P: well Annalyn McCord showed her sass on nip/tuck. I’m a fan for life

J: I am too, she’s brilliant; Easily the best part of any episode

P: Is it just me or are Dixon and Liam pretty convincing at playing high schoolers?

P: their banter is pretty spot on

J: yeah their banter is believable.

Matt Lanter has played high school for 8 years

J: he’s gotten really good at it

P: Ryan and aunt Becky… I’m ok with it.

J: THEORY: they begin to date and she begins to feel like Jack’s mom…

P: They’re getting rid of the adults on the show. These are the only ones left.

J: ..and at the end of season Jen shows up to stop their wedding and take her child back

P: there is no way they are going to get married

J: That is what I PREDICT!

P: ok fine. Now it’s in writing. I say NO WAY

but sometimes shows get so stupid, why not?

J: also Ryan has screwed every female on the series

from the older generation –

P: – and all much older than he

J: Kelly

P: Brenda

J: Laurel

P: Aunt Becky

J: Jen

only Adrianna’s mom remains untouched by Ryan.

P: fine Jen might be younger but she acts like Zsa Zsa Gabor

Do u think he got with Silver’s mom?

J: gross

P: that would be wrong

maybe Navid can keep his lifestyle with a teachers salary helping out

J: haha

P: I love how we don’t’ even speak about Annie because her stories are so bad and Charlie creeps me out

J: Diana Ross’ son is weird

P: not in a Jasper way, just in a Chris Brown and a weird voice way


Annie is the queen of lame but I am obliged to say she looked good in her pre-sex outfit

P: definitely – but she got practice with that on Degrassi

J: I wonder what Darcy’s doing right now?

P: praying

J: for sure

Worst plot line: Adrianna – it’s gone on long enough and when its revealed she stole the songs it’s gonna be annoying

P: ya but her songs are catchy so ill keep it going. I’d rather just have Jasper come back and end this Annie Charlie stuff

J: maybe he can murder Charlie…

and Annie

P: Let’s just keep with our blog. Fan fiction for another day


One response to “90210 Recap “Did you forget something?”

  • lilsis

    i agree with P
    wedding AINT gonna happen

    and you seem to have a teddy lovefest going on cant tell if its sarcastic,….but i cant get past the fact that hes like 40

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