What’s On: Tuesday

Good afternoon TV snobs! Tuesday may not be the most plentiful day of Television but it has a few gems worth mentioning which are our recommendations for tonight Tuesday November 16, 2010.

The Best:

Glee “The Substitute” 8:00 on FOX

Mr. Shue gets sick and the Glee club gets a substitute teacher with the Bond Girl name of Holly Holiday… and oh yeah she’s played by oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow! On creator Ryan Murphy’s previous series, the occasionally brilliant Popular, Gwyneth, was the term the popular kids used to describe anything cool. The video of her singing Cee Lo’s Forget You (I hate censored versions of songs, especially on Glee) has been making the rounds for a week.

Make Em Laugh and Singin’ in the Rain form the film of the same name are also covered tonight.

Tower Prep “The Rooks” 9: 00 on the Cartoon Network.

Tower Prep is a little known live action series made by the Cartoon Network (their second). It’s created by Paul Dini who is a Warner Brothers Animation Legend known mostly by his contributions to the brilliant Batman: The Animated Series. The show is about Ian Archer a misunderstood teen who falls asleep at his computer and wakes up in mysterious inescapable boarding school. Part Lost, the Prisoner and Heroes, Tower Prep is an incredibly interesting sci-fi mythology-based teen series. Here’s a trailer:

I’m kinda addicted. It’s a little childish and condescending (like explaining what we just watch happen) at times but it is a series on the Cartoon Network. But if your looking for a quality mystery series and can handle the occasional hammy line this is for you. Tonight introduces the Rooks, a secret fraternity. Here’s the promo.

The Good Wife “Bad Girls” 10:00 on CBS

No such thing as a sophomore slump for the Good Wife. It continues to hit it out of the park. Last week Michael J. Fox was awesome and this week iCarly herself Miranda Cosgrove guest stars as a teen star who gets in trouble with the law. Sounds good to me. Tonight’s promo below!

Sons of Anarchy “Bainne”

Tonight is the antepenultimate Sons of Anarchy and we last left Jax absorbing that Father Kellan Ashby had given Abel to another family. Bainne is directed by last season’s big bag Adam Arkin and the title means milk in Gaelic. Also Jax almost had sex with his sister… one of two incest sibling hookups (Chris and Meg had way more than 7 minutes in heaven on family guy.

That’s not all – here’s the rest:

No Ordinary Family 8:00 ABC – Jim’s cover is nearly blown – is both the plot of tonight and almost every other episode. Tonight also feature Josh Stewart’s mysterious Watcher.

Raising Hope 9:00 FOX – Tonight Raising Hope covers the popular TV series trope of getting a child into a good day care. They don’t stand a chance.

NCIS:LA 9:00 CBS – The first in a two parter; the gang searches for a book to solve the murder of an art dealer from Hetty’s past.

In Treatment 9:00 & 9:30 HBO – Jesse and Adele. Amy Ryan…swoon.

Parenthood 10:00 NBC – Zeke becomes jealous when Camille takes an art class with the man she had an affiar with. This show makes the move to Wednesday starting next year, a smart move away from the Good Wife.

Well that’s it for today folks, check back tomorrow for recaps!


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