The EVENT recap “I was manipulated by a very powerful man…

…who won’t stop till he gets what he wants”

Last night we were treated to an especially redundant episode of the EVENT. The entire 42 minutes focused on the reveal that (SPOILER ALERT) The Vice-President Raymond Jarvis is in on the conspiracy. He was bought after losing the party nomination by Dempsey (Hal Holbrook); promising him the vice-presidency in exchange for “providing balance”, which is conspiracy for MURDER!
Vicky showed up this week after one line-less second of flash-back screentime last week. Tasked with the VP’s assassination, Vicky turned on her employers and offered the VP his life for a way out, the condition: he had to turn himself in. And just as he was about to – he was bombed unconscious. Which is the perfect transition to bring us to…
The “WHAT?!?!” List
Chronicling the events in the EVENT that make us nuts.
10. Why hold back now? (pt. 1) The episode began with the President interrogating the publicly deceased (but secretly alive) Michael Buchanan. Eli was understandably pissed that this guy tried to kill him and his family. Michael is in the custody of the government, he believes both his daughters are kidnapped – AND he knows about the missing girls so he knows Samantha is in extra danger. All I’m saying is, is that Michael knows a lot more than he told them; so why hold back now? What does he  have to gain? (except dragging the story out) Obnoxious.
9. Guest Starring Paula Malcomson? Where? Open letter to EVENT people: If you credit Paula Malcomson (conspiracy nut Madeline Jackson) as a guest star, YOU BETTER GIVE ME MORE THAN STOCK FOOTAGE. THANK YOU
8. 90 lbs Soakin’ Wet. Sean was shot in his escape from the conspiracy theorist’s
apartment and Leila resorted to kidnapping a doctor at gunpoint. Now I get it – guns are scary. I almost pissed myself onetime when I thought someone had a gun at the gas station. It was a wallet. But Leila is a shaking, tiny little woman. She’s 90 lbs soakin’ wet, she can barely lift the gun. Just smack it out of her hand!
7. Sean’s first big stupid. Leila and the Doctor went into a pharmacy to get supplies and left Sean in the car. While they’re inside, cops pull into the parking lot. They don’t have their sirens on. Or their lights. Or their guns out. The don’t drive by his car. Behind his car. In front of his car. Or within 100 meters. Yet Sean is compelled to get out of the car and hide in an alley. Hide? Yeah right. A trail of blood? More like draw attention. And not only that he also managed to make his injury worse by tearing his brachial artery. Big Stupid.
6. The EVENT? For a show called the EVENT there has been curiously little mention of the EVENT in weeks. I only remembered there was an EVENT when I was writing the name of the show in the recap title.
5. Tsk Tsk Vicky, Should of insured your package. Vicky traded the VP Jarvis’ life for out of her current one. The terms; he had to turn himself in. Vicky is a professional assassin in the corporate conspiracy murder industry and she should have known better than to leave the VP alone even for a second. When she killed her colleague, she was done and she put her son and mother at risk.
4. Why hold back now (part 2). VP Jarvis is alive and turning himself in. He’s called his men to his location and then, drenched in guilt he calls the President to confess. He spills his guts. Admits to the attempt on Martinez’s life, all of it – except when Martinez asks him who’s behind it; he pauses for like ever. Why not just say it. What was the point of holding back. Just weak lazy 24 style writing to drawing out plot. Bill Smitrovich did the best he could with an arsenal of different expressions but he couldn’t sell it. Sheesh.
3. The unconscious plot dragger. So right as Jarvis is about to spill Dempsey’s name he gets blown unconscious. They’ll probably draaaaaaaag that out at least two episodes.
2. Vice President Houdini. Blake and the President figure out that Jarvis is involved in the conspiracy yet they cant seem to find him. The President and National Security Director cant find the Vice President. That is straight up nuts. First they sit in the oval office waiting for some agent to show up to tell him to find the vice president. Unbelievable. Looks like someone’s been taking some pages from the Maria LaGuerta law enforcement handbook.
1. Youth Bandits. Last week, in this very spot I sarcastically theorized that the conspirators were stealing girls’ youth for Hal Holbrook. And Voila; Dempsey’s organic sweetener is really the liquid youth of the kidnapped girls. Nuts. I love it.
As you must be able to gather; I love this show. It’s frustrating but ultimately it’s more fun than offensive.
What was crazy to you?

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