Dexter Recap “This is all much easier with a partner.”

Harry couldn’t handle what he turned Dexter into. Once he saw what he created he couldn’t live with himself . Miguel couldn’t handle the code. He made his own rules. Lilah… well Lilah was just plain nuts, even for Dexter standards. So I get why Dex wants to try again, I just don’t see it working out. Last night’s episode “Take it”  was exciting, tense, well written – It was easily this season’s best so far (a feat that’s not so hard).

The episode opened with Jordan Chase (Johnny Lee Miller) providing narration, spewing his “Primal Instincts” propaganda. “We are born primal” he says to thunderous applause “I’ve never been around so many people that make me feel normal… Really Normal” Dex muses. Unlike the cohesion we were treated to last season; with all story lines (even seemingly random Romances) converging, this season has three clear story arcs, and last night, all three were in top form.

LaGuerta La Muerta

Last week left LaGuerta unable to accept any sort of responsibility for the innocent lives her ambition cost. Maria continues her descent into mass unlikeability, even putting pressure on her husband to lie on the record for her. (Actor growth gush 1:It was in this scene I really noticed how far David Zayas has come as an actor in 4 seasons. He has turned Batista into a sensitive, three dimensional character, a rarity in Dexter)

LaGuerta tried to collude with Deb and the pass the buck to officer Manzon (April L. Hernandez). Well Deb was having none of that. Her greatest quality is that she’s always been no bullshit. A quality LaGuerta overlooked, sure Deb is ambitious, but she’s determined to earn it. She suggested that they take it as a team. She reminded LaGuerta that this was her fuck-up and hers alone. I think we all knew what was gonna happen after that, which would put us eons before Deb. She saw it on TV: LaGuerta passed the buck to her. That Bitch. (Actor growth gush 2: I’ve been where Deb is. I reacted the exact same way she did. So mad props to Jennifer C.(arpenter) Hall. She is also someone who used to make me wanna blow my brains out but now I think we could be friends)

So Deb went to confront LaGuerta, thinking Angel sold her out, that he was so p-whipped he lied. “I actually thought you being with Batista might actually make you a better person. I never thought you’d eat him alive” Laguerta couldn’t hide it, that stung. Deb got suspended (with pay at least) and while she was clearing out her stuff she saw her Judas; Cira Manzon. What Cira did is messed up, but LaGuerta has a history that Deb knows, simply put – Deb should have known better than to think LaGuerta would let her career take any kind of hit. As Deb was leaving Angel approached her offering his full support. I said it last week and I’ll say it again – Batista is ending the season with his wife’s job.

Quinn and Robocop

Peter Weller turned up again (and in continually fine form) as Quinn’s buddy who’s investigating Dexter. He used an old PI trick to learn Lumen’s name and used that nibble to extort more money from Quinn, lest he tell Debra what they’re up to. Well turned up once more…

eLUMENtry School

The hunt was in full swing last night. Dexter and his protege were after Cole (Chris Vance) the head of security for Jordan Chase. Cole aka Suit and Tie was the third member of the Electro Barrel Murder Club to lose his life to growing-in-my-affections team of Dexter and Lumen. And it was a great scene – but I’ll get to it later.

Dexter had begun to take Jordan Chase’s seminars a cover to get close to he and Cole. He’d maybe been there a day before Chase noticed him and sent his lackey Cole to bring him to a private meeting. Chase knew all about him, about Rita, Harrison’s name and JLM delivered all this with a vibrant glow and lit dedicated eyes. It was so creepy!

Anyway, Dexter was planning on getting Cole at the hotel and needed Lumen to go shopping for him. List: Duct Tape, 30 yards of polyethylene sheeting, black garbage bags. But Lumen past was catching up with her. She’s a runaway bride, who left sweet alabaster Owen at the altar. He was in Miami to try and sway Lumen on a trip around the world with him. Poor Owen, ignorant of what transpired to Lumen. He represented someone who was dead to her, someone she was desperately trying to be again. But first she had work to do.

Lumen showed up at the hotel with the supplies and in my favorite scene of the week helped Dexter set up his classic kill room. It was interesting to hear him explain aloud to another person what we’ve only heard in voice over. It’s becoming more apparent that Dexter is getting more out of this than she is. At first I thought this was a side project for him, but he needs her. She understands him, who he really is, she’s in it with him which is something Rita could never do. She is more than just catharsis, she’s his evolution. He thinks that with her he can be better. After all, Dex put it best “This is all much easier with a partner”.

Lumen aint no dummy either, she called him out, asking him what he get out of all this. Not knowing that this is just who he is. Suddenly they heard screaming from Cole’s adjoining room – just sex screams, but enough to send Lumen into a panic attack. Dex calmed her down and Lumen was finally able to sleep. All he had to do was be there for her. Weeks of torture have left her shattered as Chase put it and Dex is there with glue gun in hand. When she woke in the morning Lumen realized she missed her chance to kill Cole. But the sleep was worth it.

Dexter and Lumen’s last chance was the following day, and right as Dexter was about to go hunting, Chase ambushed him, called him on stage and forced him to recount the circumstances surrounding Rita’s death. That’s when Lumen was spotted wandering around the lobby by Cole and the chase began.

And then it became awesome. Lumen ran for her life, the fear of death lit up in Stiles’ deep brown peepers and managed to shoot off a text to Dexter. The scene was brilliant, a tense cat-and-mouse chase/action sequence; it was a perfect example of what this series is capable of when it’s at the top of it’s game. Dexter arrived in the nick of time and subdued Cole.

Then it was time. Dexter and Lumen stood over the immobile Cole almost pensive before Dexter took Cole’s blood for his slide collection. Lumen’s reaction was amazing. She pieced it together, Boyd was not his first, this was who he is. Dexter saw her face and spilled his whole life story and with her approval, plunged the knife into Cole’s chest. Dexter included Lumen in every aspect of the kill, from the early planning and shopping to body disposal (SPEAKING OF: So Robocop got pics of Dex and Lumen disposing of Cole on the boat. MINI ANXIETY ATTACK). The death of Rita has so profoundly effected him that he would abuse this broken woman’s trust by turning her into a killer. Maybe Lumen has no dark passenger, Dexter is just so alone he feels the need to turn someone into him.  He’s getting more out of it than she is, he’s losing the upper hand in the relationship. When they finish off the Electro Barrel Murder Club what then? Dex seems to think maybe there is some future, I say Lumen is gone as soon as the EBMC is.

Well that’s all. We only have 4 more eps left. Where do you see it going?

Till Next time.


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