Always Sunny in Philadelphia: “Without further adieu…”

Still flourishing in their new school teacher/janitorial roles, Dee and “The Professor” Charlie, are making themselves known at the local high school.  After Dr. Meyers (Dee’s old drama teacher) breaks his hip, Dee is left to substitute teach his class and ‘shape America’s youth.’

in her substitute role, Dee gives a hilarious monologue and goes so far as telling the kids she will take them on a field trip to NYC. * the only thing that could have made this scene better is if Dee had broken out into ‘if you wanna be somebody’ from Sister Act 2.

Charlie “The Professor”, a.k.a the janitor, becomes enamored with eating garbage and a particular juggalo (fan of insane clown posse) student who is being picked on for wearing stupid face paint.  Charlie and Dee both get denied by the perfectly cast principal Dave Foley who tells Dee – rather bluntly – that she is a substitute teacher and will in no way be able to take the kids to NYC.  Additionally Foley has to practically beg Charlie to not bathe the juggalo … or watch him bathe himself 🙂

In order to be a hip and with it teacher, Dee enlists Dennis, Mac, and Frank (cough bad idea cough) to organize a film screening at the bar.  She was expecting to show the students Othello (which the bar boys thought would help solve their blackface debate (is it racist or not?) but in a surprise twist they screen LETHAL WEAPON 5, a movie starring Mac, Dennis, Frank, and a poorly cast Charlie — which is both hilarious and hilariously racist.  Frank films a love scene so awkward it came directly out of Tommy Wiseau’s THE ROOM, and dennis and mac switch roles midway through the movie, having Mac choose to don ‘black face’.  The debate was closed, blackface is NOT a good idea — and Charlie and Dee were fired from the jobs they never should have had in the first place.

next teacher to get the can: NaOnka on Survivor Nicaragua!


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