The Office: “Take Gabe. Take Michael. You make Gay-Mike. Best friends.”

My struggle with past seasons of The Office is officially behind me as this season continues to provide some of the biggest laughs.  While this picture is old (replace Roy with Gabe, Andy, Erin, wow this is old!), the players are the same and the jokes are distributed evenly, some of the biggest laughs, in my opinion, did not come from Michael this episode!

The episode centered around a GLEE Viewing Party hosted by Erin and Gabe at Gabe’s sweet pad, complete with an Asia-themed mancave.  Ryan’s “I respect that” lines in the mancave to Andy had me in tears.  Kelly had some great GLEE dialogue as well, not wanting to watch an episode with non Gleeks (Phyllis) — the tvocrats know all about this.

Michael’ interactions with Gabe were tense, almost in a way that is usually only directed at Toby (P.S. WHERE WAS TOBY!!?!?!)

Andy continued his self esteem breakdown, sending Phyllis to inquire if Erin has slept with Gabe, and eating appx. seven sea horses from Gabe’s mancave (only to be sweetly soothed by Gabe’s lovely soundscapes).  Most interesting was Michael’s interaction with Erin.  We know that Erin is like the eternal child (just like Michael) and arguably the only one who finds him funny (we can fight on Dwight).  Their bizarro father-daughter conversation left me amused, but also confused.  We know that Erin has been raised in foster homes her whole life, but are we really being led to believe she sees MICHAEL as a father figure? — let’s see how they roll with this…

Other episode wins:

– The Dwight/Pam/Ci-Ci storyline was hilarious — and some how Dwight and Angela’s creepy sexual contract does not stop being funny to me.

– Darryl’s pep talk to Andy “and you like sweaters, and wearing sweaters….”

– Creed reading Chinese

– Kevin eating pigs in a blanket … IN A BLANKET


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