What’s On: Friday

Sometimes people stay in on friday nights. If that’s you, that’s okay – there is a lot of television to drown out your loneliness tears. Here’s the biz for Friday, November 12, 2010.

The Best:

Smallville “Abandoned” 8:00 on CW

Sweeps Casting Alert! Teri Hatcher (A former Lois Lane herself) guest stars an none other than Lois Lane’s Mother! (Who yes is dead, relax she appears via video) Clark and Tess investigate an orphanage with ties to Tess’ past. DC Universe characters Granny Goodness and Mad Harriet make their Smallville premiers.



Blue Bloods “Chinatown” 10:00 on CBS

Danny impedes an Internal Affairs investigation into his brother Jamie after a suspect shooting. This series continues to impress me. It’s at its most interesting when the members of the Regan family are at odds with each other. I’m hoping for more screen time for Bridget Moynihan who plays Erin, the district attorney Regan sister.

Slim pickin’s I know… here’s the Rest:

Medium, 8:00 CBS – My friend lives for his Medium. I know nothing about this.

Supernatural, 9:00 CW – Tonight the brothers Winchester battle Werewolves.

The Good Guys, 9:00 FOX – This is a bad series with a great cast. Whitford rules in this, I just don’t care about any of his cases.

CSI:NY, 9:00 CBS – Not even Sela Ward could get me to watch this, let alone the third incarnation of any series. Blah.

That’s it for tonight. SNL tomorrow!!!


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