Fringe Recap “Initiate Phase Two”

Fringe had a rocky first season, it’s second was eons better and now, in it’s third season Fringe is one of the best series on network television. Every scene in last night’s episode felt crucial, wrought with importance. A trait usually reserved for HBO and AMC series.

Last night we returned to Earth Prime, the Fringe team was investigating people who suffered retrograde amnesia listening to the titular radio frequency. Peter continued to build the doomsday device much to Walter’s chagrin.

The weird-of-the-week story turned out to be a terror plot by the Red Universe, carried out by JJ Abrams vet Kevin Wiseman (Marshall Flinkman on Alias) who after his death turned out to bleed that shape-shifter silver blood. He was tossed out the window by Faulivia, to possibly protect her cover, but also probably due to a disagreement they had (more on that later). The numbers that he broadcasted, when put through the rigors of science, were revealed to be co-ordinates. Co-ordinates that lead (as Astrid figured out) to the pieces of the Doomsday device.

The whole episode was a long con on our universe. We were supposed to figure out the code. They wanted us to figure out the code. The curious bastards we are, we played right into Walternate’s plans. As the other side agents kept re-iterating; this is war. Only one world can survive.


“I got to believe there’s another way”

Wicked! Overall a solid entry, holding it’s own against this season’s best.

A few notes…


The doomsday device, which isn’t really a doomsday device, is called the Vacuum. And according to the book, The First People, by Seamus Wiles, it will either “create or destroy” It was made by the first people. A race of humans that existed prior to the dinosaurs and were wiped out by an unknown ELE.

ASTRID: Astrid got a lot of screen time this week and some of it even focused on her! She played music for Walter, which may sound trivial – but onscreen was rather sweet. She also cracked the code! She figured out the sequence was co-ordinates and later what the co-ordinates meant. Go Astroid!

FAUXLIVIA: Our Olivia has photographic memory, there’s doesn’t. So when Peter asked Fauxlivia to repeat the sequence of numbers from memory, she squirmed. It was just a face, for a second, before like a good undercover agent she spouted them off one by one. It’s nice to see such attention to small details. Also she seems to be changing her beliefs a little bit… not too much but I think her feelings for Peter are getting in the way. Homegirl is deep. Perhaps she’ll adopt Peter’s “there’s another way” philosophy.

At the close Fauxlivia reported to the ghost type writer to get her orders… INITIATE PHASE 2… I’m excited.

PS – Best Moment: Walter and Nina sharing the joint. There’s so much history between their characters, and the actors were perfect. Just a joy to watch.



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