GLEE Review and Recap: “This is my hill to climb alone”

This week Glee decided to return to plot lines — and for the most part, its songs were reflective of this decision (cue Hallelujah!)

While one could argue this episode was Ryan Murphy’s musical contribution to the It Gets Better Campaign, if this were to be true I’d say Murphy did so with a great amount of grace and care for both Glee’s characters and viewers.

The episode touched upon the notion of THINKING ILL of someone being just as detrimental to their psyche as being a physical threat.  Our two major players were Kurt (my faveeeeeee) and Coach Bieste (growing faveeeeeeeee), both having Never Been Kissed.

Kurt, being the only openly gay student at school, continued to harbor his feelings of isolation, explaining to Mr. Schu “this is my hill to climb alone”.  Since Glee began, Kurt has always appeared delicate to me. Certainly more delicate in appearance than the other males (with the exception of maybe pretty boy Sam), and fragile in comparison to many of the female Gleeks as well.  He fits in with neither group — and is consistently tormented by FURY (the idiot jock’s fist).  When checking out the Glee club’s competition (an All Male choir), Kurt experiences both the deliciousness of BLAINE and this episode’s greatest number:

Teenage Dream was the perfect fit, it actually tied into the plot AND was well executed (note the fist pumping/finger snapping young chap to the left of Kurt).  Additionally, Kurt’s excitement was difficult to mask and infectious to the viewer.  Kurt quickly develops a friendship (and crush) on BLAINE who encourages him to stand up to his bully — through such inspirational texts as ‘COURAGE’ (that darn blaine!)

Shockingly, it worked! ::what follows is likely not  common when standing up to homophobic bullies::  Kurt uses words to attack FISTofFURY and in turn, gets his :shocking: first kiss.  Kurt’s left with the look of holy bananas, what just happened, and later (with guru Blaine’s help) offers to help FURY ‘come out’.  Their attempt at kindness is rewarded with a fury fist in the face and some homophobic slurs — BUT THEY HAVE EACH OTHER!

the beauty of this episode was that while showing how difficult high school is for the teens, a parallel story was unfolding with the teachers who ‘chose to relive the pain of high school’.  In order to avoid ‘cold showers’ from their abstinent partners, some of the students were picturing the warm and fuzzy love of my life Coach Bieste in compromising positions — a very poorly thought and cruel decision that Mr. Schu not so brilliantly decided to share with the Beast herself.  This decision moved Coach Bieste to resign from her position, and Sue to unleash the confetti (ed note: personally, while Sue gets some great one-liners, I much prefer Jane Lynch in pretty much EVERYTHING else she has done, to Glee.  While joining this cast was undoubtedly a wise career move on Lynch’s part, every attempt to humanize Sue has fallen short of her characters on Party Down, Best In Show, the L word, and Role Models to name a few — JUST SAYIN’)

During Mr. Schu’s attempt to convince Bieste to stay, she explained she’s never been kissed and has yet to take those ‘baby steps’.  This was one of the more touching scenes in the entire series and Bieste is quickly becoming one of the most layered and interesting characters on television (I hope we get to hear her sing soon!)

The boys then let out a heart felt apology in song (of course) which was a mash-up of Diana Ross’s stop in the name of love and En Vogue’s Free Your Mind.  It was very good, but no match for BLAINE ::swoon::

Earlier on, the girls performed a mash-up of Start Me Up and Livin’ On A Prayer. Rachel’s head banging was out of control, but it was a good performance with a poor transition into the plot (boo writers)

One more plot line (if there aren’t enough yet!) is that Puck shaved his mohawk back and has returned from juvie.  He tries to get away with ‘hanging with a crip’ (artie) for his community service, and in doing so performs a great cover of One Love.  It had no real point to the plot, but I like Puck and Artie’s voices together and the boys had some funny and touching scenes together at BREADSTIX with brittany and santana.

extra thoughts:

– was that Deandra Barxdale as the probation officer?!?!?!

– i loved Tina’s shirt at the beginning of the episode

– Puck’s Leggo My Eggo story made me LOL

– honorable mention goes to Brittany for not understanding why Artie wasn’t into her touching his legs all night. hmmm…


2 responses to “GLEE Review and Recap: “This is my hill to climb alone”

  • hazyd

    oooo agree, return to plot, and uncovering of Blain (also swooning) resulted in a great episode.
    you think bieste can sing?
    and arn’t we so happy that rachel is no longer the center of each episode?

  • tvocrats

    Dear loyal reader,
    thank you for your post. after reading many interviews with Dot Jones (coach bieste) i have little doubt in her ability to carry a tune.
    while im sure she cant compare to kristin chenoweth, perhaps we have a classic rock crooner in her, perhaps the female john stamos?
    also — rachel >>> mercedes in my opinion.

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