90210: Jacques in a Box

naynay's big sis made a no-no  This week’s episode of the recharged 90210 left us missing our west bev friends of the past and comtemplating the future of some of our current offenders.

P: ummm the eipsode was amazing
J: yeah i’m still quite shocked that Jen abandoned her child.   I did not see that coming…  I thought maybe she was going to learn a valuable lesson in parenting,  not flee..
P: i did –  as soon as she said ‘goodbye’ to naomi i knew
J: Jen was growing on me too…
P: this was an evoltion in her character — The whole episode.  i dont hate her character. Also, Ryan’s pep talk was spot on
J: I dont hate her either…
P: i hated her before all this – like….her voice drove me nuts
J: Since the Liam incident. You know she’s Brody Jenner’s step sister
P:  NO!!! I DID NOT.   link me deets
J: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Foster#Personal_life
  ex step sibling
Back to Ryan… what is his purpose on this series… wht’s the long term goal for him?  like this is their senior year?
P: ::fascinating:: i think this is it. at first it was clearly as a love interest for kelly.  and he has expressed his disinterest in the show
J: well based on the promo for next week he’s gonna get it on with the newly single Ms. Wilson  so theres life left in his story yet
J: AGREED! Unsung hero of 90210
P: her story is so real right now. and how awkward was it when dixon and annie met his gf
J: yeah that was a great scene…can we talk about Oscar though… really the best Nay Nay and Ivy could do was get him naked?
P: he’s soooooooooooooo hot.  I know. im shocked he acted embarrassed
J: that’s the great revenge??!?!?!
P: and i thought the girls could have done better. not very creative. but neither are blaire waldorfs
J: They could have done almost anything and it would have been better
  and if you look like Blair Redford, you dont care if ppl see you naked
P: my thoughts exactly… he was pretty amazing in the cannon take down though
J: Also Navid is now just like Nate with his father getting taken down! GossipGirl Paralell!
P: to be honest, i dislike ivy’s mom much more than oscar. she had no business with him
J: true, but we know ivy’s mom’s a coug

P: ya but oscar must be what? 17?  so gross.
J: You would sleep with 17year old oscar…
P: But I know 17 yr old oscar is really a 20 something yr old blair

J: True dat!   You aint no statutory rapist like Laurel
P: no sir!
P: hahaha i know (re: GossipGirl), but navid’s story is much more interesting because  “my father is a child pornographer”
J: I think that’s also pretty original
P: lets sum up our feelings on the characters:
mega points for aunt becky
J: gold star!  Liam: Lame
P: teddy and navid are tied for currently interesting storylines
  liam continues to be a lame ryan atwood
  annie has the WORST storyline
J: so does Michael (lee)… I mean dixon
P: adrianna’s is really interesting to me
J: I will always love everything NAYNAY!
P: naomi is fantastic at everything
J: OH and we forgot to talk about silver the porn star
P: where’s jasper?
  dun dun dun
J: i miss jasper too
P: jasper was soooooooooooo crazy — also — notice how all major characters are still alive
J: I want jasper to date adrianna
P: i predict this season will bring death to 1
J: ooooooohhhh WHo do you think?
P: just speculation. not sure
  not adrianna, she faced it already
J: not silver… she’s our link to the past
P: definiately someone in the annie storyline– annie or liam
  those are my guesses
J: I dont know… maybe a recurring character will die… but if it’s a regular i hope it’s Navid
P: maybe then rumer would come back
J:  barf
P: and her and adrianna could have another pity party – where they kiss and watch sad movies and sing jolene
J: Remember when Adrianna had a crazy dream about China and Brenda?
P: loved it! B.B.B  bring back brenda
J: agreed- also put adrianna back on drugs and give silver a complete mental bi-polar breakdown
P: omg i forgot silver was bipolar – they cant forget that!!!  remember her dixon tattoo
J: remember her attack on Ryan!
P: HOLY SMOKES — dear 90210 – bring back crazy silver
J: …and druggie adrianna and jasper, please and thanks!


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