What’s On: Tuesday

Good day friends, tonight may not be the most jam-packed, but it ain’t slim pickins either. Here are our recommendations for tonight, Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

The Best:

Glee “Never Been Kissed” 8:00 on FOX

Tonight’s glee introduces us to new character Blaine played by Darren Criss (Eastwick) who is probably being set up as a boyfriend for Kurt. I firmly believe that Glee is simply a 15 year old Ryan Murphy’s gay fantasia and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Here is the promo for tonight’s episode which features takes on Teenage Dream and Livin’ on a Prayer among others.

The Good Wife “Poisoned Pill” 10:00 on CBS

Michael J. Fox joins the world of the good wife tonight playing a disabled lawyer who goes up against Alicia. The most incredible thing about this series is the world it’s created; a cache of characters and relationships that give the viewer the feeling they’re in a community. The last two episodes were among the series’ best (they were both written by creators Robert and Michelle King) I hope tonight holds up  against them. Lily Taylor and Scott Porter guest star too.

Sons of Anarchy “Firinne” 10:00 on FX

I was wondering how long the boys had to be in Ireland before we got to see Cherry (Taryn Manning) again. She was noticeably absent the last two episodes. I’m diggin’ this season so far, it took me a little time to get where the creative team was going, but now as we near the tail run of the season, their path is clear. Tonight we get developments in both the battle for Charming’s soul, and the war on Jimmy O. I still have no idea where the Agent Stahl story is going, but that’s one of the series’ greatest strength, its ability to surprise.

That was the best now here’s the rest:

No Ordinary Family, 8:00 ABC – Stephanie’s parents played by Bruce McGill and Cybill Shepard visit. The Powells spend 42 minutes futzing around trying to be normal. Daphne (Kay Pannabaker) remains the worst written teen in prime time.

NCIS, 8:00 on CBS – Parents are abound tonight as Robert Wagner guests as DiNozzo’s father. The success of this series remains a mystery to me. *UPDATE: My mother says it’s because Mark Harmon is perfect.

Raising Hope, 9:00 on FOX – Hope gets sick and Jimmy gets a second job to pay her medical bills. After guest spots last season on How to Make it in America of HBO and the Good WIfe on CBS, I begged the TV gods to give her a regular spot. So I don’t complain about this white trash festival at all.

Running Wilde, 9:30 on FOX – Gob and Tobias continue to battle for Felicity’s heart.

NCIS:LA, 9:00 on CBS – Remember the good old days when Chris O’Donnell was a big time movie star? Tonight’s episode has the team searching for a …surprise it’s a terrorist.

In Treatment: Jesse, 9:00 on HBO – Dane DeHaan’s Jesse brings his step-mother to therapy.

In Treatment: Adele, 9:30 on HBO – Paul worries he’s a bad father. I LOVE AMY RYAN.

Parenthood, 10:00 on NBC – 20 times better and more interesting than ABC’s Brothers and Sisters (Which is dead to me since Emily Van Camp left). Tonight’s episode has Sarah spending more time with her and Adam’s boss Gordon (Billy Baldwin).

Well that’s the haps for tonight. See you tomorrow for recaps!


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