Trailer Park!

We are both proud Toronto natives. Born and reared (though one of us has since flew the coup). We love the city for a million reasons and now there is one more; The Lake Shore. The Lake Shore is exactly what is sounds like. Named after the southern most street in the city, the Lake Shore is Canada’s answer to Jersey Shore. Based on the 8 minute trailer; it looks like Jersey Shore’s wilder, sluttier, racist aunt, in the best way possible. The Lake Shore knows exactly what it is and its not trying to hide it. You have to respect trash that knows its trash and is damn proud too. People are labelled as The Jew, The Czech, The Pole, etc… and there’s some comments in the trailer that you just wouldn’t see on American reality television. Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

Wild huh? We’re looking forward to it, but we’re part of the Jersey Shore is hilarious camp.  P was left speechless (first time eva) over The Turk’s comments, if that was just the trailer – what else can we expect? WILDCARD!!! and J is looking forward to seeing how Toronto is represented. On ABC’s Rookie Blue which takes place in Toronto, the city’s name is never seen or heard. One thing’s for sure; these idiots are proud of their city.


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