Good Tuesday Morning everybody!

Did you all watch the EVENT last night?  I hope you did because the EVENT is slowly becoming one of the most enjoyable fall series – it consistently tries to out-crazy itself (next week – UNICORNS!). Like it’s in a competition with the previous episode to be as bat-shit crazy as possible. Last night’s installment brought us Russian spies, centrifuges, careers built on lies, Paula Malcomson, and don’t even get me started on the girls… THE GIRLS!!!!

And now it’s time for the …

The “WHAT?!?!” List

Chronicling the events in the EVENT that make us nuts.

10. “I know who you are” We flashed back 14 years to Blake(!) and his beautiful wife Laura (Scarlett Chorvat – from a weird little series called Push, Nevada… anyone?). But it turns out Laura is really… SVETLANA, RUSSIAN SPY, and our pal Blakc has got himself a little situation I like to call a Bristow. Blake’s superior/father let him know about her deception which brings us to…

9. Father Knows Best Blake’s father told him he had to execute Laura. Present Blake would have no problem doing that, but past Blake was a bit of a pansy, so instead of a bullet, he got her a ticket to South America. Awwww, Blake is such a romantic! Well Svetlana didn’t like the idea very much and took off only to get the bullets anyway from Blake’s poppa. Blake got the credit for the kill and a career. This was all a backdrop for his current troubles. Sappy? Yes. But c’mon.. RUSSIAN SPIES!

8. D.B. Sweeney Now i could be completely wrong, but I feel like last we saw this guy he was tied up in a hotel with Heather McComb (I’m jealous… Dawson shoulda never let her go) And last night all of the sudden he’s at an office, making calls to Hal Holbrook. Puhleeeze.

7. “They just disappeared…” Sean, Leila and Madeline Jackson (Paula Malcomson) Went to some sarcastic nerd hacker guy’s house to set up an algorithm to decode Michael’s notes (for realsies). DB Sweeney and Hal Holbrook figure out where they went because Madeline, the crazy conspiracy lady, called him. On a cell phone. HER cellphone. For a conspiracy lady, she is pretty dumb, even I know if I’m being chased by a nameless organization bent on stopping me to not use my cell. Sheesh.

6. Sarah Roemer’s close up eyes Leila and Sean shared a tender moment in which Sarah Roemer had an extended close-up. Like 9 seconds… her eyes were craaaazy. I loved it. More please!

5. Thomas, hospital employee. So Thomas just happens to be an employee at the hospital where Agent Lee was kept. That is quite convenient. Of all the aliens roaming the city it’s Thomas, the leader who is also secretly a hospital janitor. Really…

4. Thomas, rebel son. So as the episode is nearing the end, Thomas reports to Sophia that Agent Lee’s cover’s intact except.. REVEAL: He calls her MOM. Thomas is Sophia’s son. I did not expect this at all, I always got a vague sexual feeling from them, like they’d spent the last 66 years longing for each other. I still think they’re gonna do it though…

3. Avias 514 TV report. So now the government’s saying that the passengers of Avias 514 were exposed to a toxin and are recovering and will be released… Ummm… didn’t they already announce that they were dead? And the public outcry is zero? Plot holes the size of alien tech induced portals, does it get any better…

2. “With our math we can, Buy low sell high” …it does get better. Sophia notes how in 66 years Thomas has done very well for himself, that our economy is unpredictable but “With our math we can, Buy low sell high” Really? You need alien math formulas to tell you to buy low sell high. I audibly laughed here. Just hilarious. I cant wait till I learn alien math so I can learnt one of the most basic business lessons.

1. “Girls?” The number one spot goes to the final moment of the episode. The codes that Sean broke were names of girls that had gone missing, girls around the age of Leila’s missing sister Samantha. We caught up with Samantha being escorted to a room full of girls… DISFIGURED GIRLS WHO LOOK 90. What? WHAT? So the conspirators are stealing girls’ youth so they can what? Save Hal Holbrook? Age slower like the aliens? I guess time will tell…

Until next time…


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