What’s On: Monday

Hello fellow telephiles, it’s the beginning of the work week, time for us to ascend to our thrones sofas for a stacked night of TV. Here’s our recommendations for tonight, Monday November 8th, 2010.

THE BEST:How I Met Your Mother “Natural History” 8:00 on CBS

Is Jennifer Morrison the titular mother? That may be hard as tonight we meet Zoey’s husband, the Captain (Nate Archibald’s dad?) played by TV legend Kyle MacLachlan, fresh off his emasculating stint on Desperate Housewives. In our opinion, HIMYM is still in a slump and is crippled by its laugh track (unlike Big Bang Theory). Here’s the promo for tonight:

90210 “Mother Dearest” 8:00 on CW

Nay-Nay and Ivy join forces to take down Oscar (Blair Redford) in tonight’s installment of Masterpiece Theatre 90210. This makes me excited, as last season’s Ivy and Naomi encounters were some of the funniest scenes on the series. I hope this story takes precedent over the Adrianna story cause it’s lame (whatever happened to ‘no drama Adrianna’?), but according to the promo, it wont… Joe Jonas plays himself and her date to a premiere. Rob Estes may return (the blurb from CW say Annie and Dixon visit their dad and are surprised so maybe…) Here’s tonight’s promo.

In Treatment “Sunil: Week Three” & “Frances: Week Three” 9:00 & 9:30 on HBO

Paul continues to delve into why Sunil is depressed and why Frances can’t remember her lines. Sunil is easily the most watchable half hour of In Treatment, I’m entranced by Iffran Khan. On the other hand, Debra Winger as Frances the talking mule forgetful actress is waning in my affections. Winger is great, but her character is a little clichéd, the middle-aged actress has been done to death, but I’ll watch Debra Winger in anything. Here’s a short vid on her character Frances.

And Sunil!

CONAN! 11:00 on TBS

It’s finally here, after months and months of Conan-free airwaves we can once again welcome that Ginger Giant back into our homes. Andy Richter is in! Max Weinberg isnt : ( Tonight’s guest include Seth Rogen, Lea Michelle and Jack White performs! (sans Meg!!!!!) Here’s Show Zero!!!

That was the best, now here’s the rest:

House, 8:00 FOX – Amber Tamblyn joins the team to replace 13. With word that Olivia Wilde is eyeing a return to House this season, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. It can’t be more lame than House and Cuddy’s relationship can it? CAN IT!

The Event, 9:00 NBC – THE EVENT IS VERY INTENSE. LOTS OF STUFF HAPPENS BUT NOTHING REALLY. Paula Malcolmson returns tonight as the Bat-Shit crazy conspiracy theory lady. I love seeing her anywhere (like tomorrow on Sons of Anarchy)

Lie To Me, 9:00 FOX – Lightman gets trapped in a mine! (ooh topical)

Gossip Girl, 9:00 CW – Blair and Chuck continue their attempt at being enemies with benefits. I hope the creative team knows what they’re doing, wasting Leighton Meester is a crime worthy of death in my books. Even though the episode is called “Juliet doesnt live here anymore” I have no idea what her role in the episode is. I like Katie Cassidy, she’s just better when she’s outwardly being a bitch like here:

Mike & Molly, 9:30 CBS – Chuck Lorre’s onslaught of fat jokes, sex jokes and fat sex jokes continue. If shows were only as good as their casts’ this would be one of the best sitcoms on TV, but the writing is occasionally lazy and one-dimensional, but also occasionally very funny.

Castle, 10:00 ABC – Castle and Beckett bicker and as ABC says:  discover the brutal kidnapping of a boy while investigating the shooting death of a subway worker in Central Park.  Sounds Fun.

Hawaii 5-0, 10:00 CBS – Jin Soo Kwon, Sharon Athena Valerii and Hiro Nakamura… all this show needs is a little Hikaru Sulu to include all the Sci-Fi pop culture Asians.

That’s all folks for tonight. Czech back tomorrow for recaps and reviews!


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