Eastbound & Down Chapter 13 “Feels good to be breaking the laws in America again”

J: yoyoyo – SO! Eastbound and Down Season Finale!!!!
P: ::cracks knuckles:: lets do this
J: ps this is our first joint recap/review
P: this has been quite a season — although with deep regret i admit i faltered on 2 episodes
J: let’s just take a moment and reflect at how far we’ve come
P: the addition of the Oompa Loompa 2.0 was fantastic –we’ve come a long way, baby!
J: Oompa loompa was awesome
P: totes b’gotes…when he threatened kenny with scissors
J: So wait… you faltered… pourquoi?
P: it’s similar to what happened when WEEDS went south of the border for me
J: Didn’t you break up with weeds though?
P: HOWEVER, in retrospect — while i think weeds was a miss, i think TPTB (the powers that be) at eastbound were right to take KP out of his natural habitat, and of course — u know i have vivid dreams of stevie
J: i agree. I think moving the show to mexico took balls.  it could have failed
P:  kenny powers never fails — except at sensitivity….until the end of chapter 13 —CAN WE DISCUSS BABY KENNY –shudder
J: not shudder…first of all they handled that scene so well. Katy Mixon and Danny McBride played it perfectly.
P: J, this is kenny motherf**king powers — he will not calm down and be a loving father in the way angela prayed jordan catallano would someday — u cannot tame KP
they did, but how long will newkenny last?
J: I still think Kenny would be a good dad.
P: about as long as newron did on Party Down (R.I.P)
J: newron? oh New Ron.
P: not new new ron…just new ron
J: it’s not a phase it’s the evolution of the character. we all have events in our lives that change us
maybe this will change him… … a little
P: ull have to forgive me, perhaps its my inner feminist speaking, but kenny gives me the creeps. im a stevie fan through and through (yup — hes endearing)
J: how cute were him and Maria holding hands walking away after dropping off the package for April. That little wave she gave him was so … endearing
P: oh em gee. ridic — stevie at his finest. he desperately wants a friend. the fact that he never even thought about kenny stealing his money. Yes — stevie is stupid…but he’s a lonely idiot
J: I though KP was gonna be a total ass to Stevie when he dropped him off or when he said goodbye. It’s nice to see him realize what kind a friend Steve really is
P: agreed. and the principal (namefart, sorry)
J: Andrew Cutler
P: principal stalker, loved it
J: loved it too
honestly i forgot how much he added to the series. Kenny’s brother and sister-in-law too. The way she shudders at his touch is priceless
“Did dad ask about me”
“Fuck no”


so, fave moments of the season? taking a ride in kenny’s black boots….that did it for me

KP taking a ride on the ‘panty dropper’,  his sea-doo, leopard print and alllll man
J: It kills me that the seasons are so short
P: agreed but either way at least there’s a following — once again…Party Down (RIP)
J: RIP party down
P: we should end every one of our posts with a party down tear
J: Yes, yes we will
(tear drops on keyboard)
But before we go..
fave moment of the episode?
fave moment of the season?
P: kenny powers coming in to the pitchers mound in mexico, hands down
J: for me it’s kenny seeing Sebastian going down on his Mexican Girlfriend in the studio, with her son in tow
P: “if u want me to leave, just call me dad” – kenny — FORESHADOWING?
J: FORSHADOW FOR SURE. WHOA. i just peed a little
P: hahahhaha. samesies.

due to immense difficulty finding our fave moments from this season (stay tuned) — behold – KP on ecstasy at an elementary school dance:


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