Dexter Recap “What do we got? We got her and her and her and her… and her”

Group pictures really seem to get people into trouble. Just a few months ago Will Travers uncovered a global conspiracy on Rubicon using mainly a group picture of the conspirators as children and now the key to Lumen (and Dexter’s) catharsis is a similar picture featuring the Electro-Barrel Murder Club. Tonight we were introduced to Jordan Chase (Johnny Lee Miller, how awesome is it that he’s back on TV?)  and Cole (Chris Vance, Prison Break) who it seems along with the dentist (Sean O’Bryan) and Boyd Fowler (Shawn Hatosy) and one other mystery person make up the Electro-Barrel Murder Club which believe it or not is NOT like the Women’s Murder Club. Johnny Lee Miller is an interesting choice for the Big Bad, he’s not overtly menacing, but does exude some nasty… he’ll always be Zero Cool to me though…

Poor Lieutenant LaGuerta. She is probably one of the most ineffectual law enforcement leaders in television. She’s guided by a need to be top dog in a man’s world. She literally had an issue of Police Chief Magazine on her desk. Seriously. Go back and check your DVR right now and see it. I’ll wait… … … See! Her mishandling of Santa Muerta, getting innocent people killed (and not knowing it was a mistake) has demotion written all over it and I think Batista’s gonna take her job. Marriage!

Quinn and Robocop continued their investigation of Dexter. I’m a little surprised at how easily Quinn was manipulated by Robocop. Quinn may be the new Doakes, but he’s a smarter, more suave Doakes, or at least he should be. Though this is the same guy that slept with the Trinity Killer’s daughter for a while.

Dexter and Lumen are quite the pair. I don’t know where they’re going with Dexter and Lumen’s storyline. I don’t think it’s as simple as revenge, I don’t think it’s romance either, although they certainly hinted at it last night when Dexter introduced Harrison to Lumen. The way Harrison leapt into her arms, Dex’s face, his joy, Hall and Stiles played it beautifully. The role of Lumen, love her or hate her, was definitely the right career decision for Stiles. And Stiles was the right fit for Dexter. Having Dexter become the teacher was the natural progression for the series and the character and Lumen is a much more interesting student than say Cody or Asshole Astor.

What did you think of Circle Us?  Is Lumen growing on you too?

Till next time ‘fasten your seatbelt’s


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