What’s On: Sunday

It’s time to put on your sunday best fellow TV snobs, we got a big night ahead of us. Here’s our recommendations for tonight, Sunday Nov. 7th, 2010.


The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror XXI”, 8:00 on FOX

Harry Potter becomes Edward Cullen tonight as Daniel Radcliffe takes on Twilight.  Fox is pushing tonight’s TWILIGHT parody hard!

Hugh Laurie’s a guest voice too, I think from the promo he’s the Billy Zane character from Dead Calm, but I could be wrong.

Boardwalk Empire “Hold Me in Paradise”, 9:00 on HBO

Boardwalk Empire is finding it’s groove with every episode. Personally, the first few episodes following the pilot were weak, but in the last two or three weeks it’s found its niche. HBO should have bagged Kelly Macdonald for a series years ago. She’s gold, and I love watching her Margaret Schroeder spar with Lucy (Paz de la Huerta) Here’s a clip of them from tonight’s episode which finds Nucky in Chicago, from HBO.

The Walking Dead “Guts” , 10:00 on AMC

Who wasn’t blown away by last week’s premiere and it’s stunning cliffhanger? (“Hey you. Dumbass in the tank. Cozy in there?”) Tune in tonight for the second episode (the last this season written by series creator Frank Darabont) of the fall’s best new series. Here’s fan made Kirkman-inspired opening credits that rock.

Eastbound & Down (Season 2 Finale) “Chapter 13”, 10:30 on HBO

Tonight’s finale to E&D’s stellar second season finds Kenny and Stevie truckin’ back to their native home. I’m praying for the return of April (Katy Mixon, the best part of Mike and Molly) who was last seen ditched by Kenny Powers on the side of the road. The series’ greatest flaw is that its seasons are too damn short. Here’s the gag reel from season one, it should go without saying, but anything Kenny Powers is NSFW.

Jesus, that set looks like fun. I could watch Gina Gershon say Buttfuckers all day.

That was the best, now here’s the rest:

The Amazing Race, 8:00 CBS – Teams go to the Russian Circus. I’m happy this lost the Emmy this year.

The Cleveland Show, 8:30 FOX – Cleveland Jr.’s feeling are hurt when he’s told he’s too old to go out for Halloween. This hits close to home, I’m 6’6, people started telling me I was too old when I was like 10. It hurts, trust me.

Family Guy, 9:00 FOX – Word on the street (and by street I mean the info from FOX) is that Meg has a storyline tonight. That’s nice I guess.

Desperate Housewives, 9:00 ABC – Susan becomes Lynette’s employee. This show is at it’s best when the wives’ stories intertwine, so tonight’s should be good. On another note; other than me and this guy is anyone still watching this show? And if you are, how awesome are Vanessa Williams and Mark Strong. I’d love to see them go toe to toe.

American Dad, 9:30 FOX – It doesn’t even matter what it’s about, American Dad remains the best written and funniest 22 minutes from Seth MacFarlane on the air.

Dexter, 10:00 Showtime – Dexter saves the last dance for Lumen. I’m still undecided on the Lumen story. I knew going into this season that there is no way to top the Trinity killer and I generally like Julia Stiles, but something is still leaving me wanting more. Also Quinn turning into Doakes is mega-lame.

Bored to Death, 10:00 HBO – Bravo to Zach Galifianakis for smoking a J on Bill Maher. Tonight, Galifianakis’ Ray has a birthday. Fun! I think him and Leah (Heather Burns) are one of my fave TV couples.

That’s all folks. Czech back tomorrow for recaps of your favorite shows.


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